Deep love

What am I going to do about love?

It is getting deep down. I am scared.

I am scared if I met you by chance.

Our path brought you to us on that day.

Oh! My soul,

You take all the blame on me and increase my concern.

people could imagine ignorance or forgetfulness 

It is neither of them.

What am I going to do about love?

Someone help me! It is getting deep inside! 

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  • Toi kung khong, Joseph Even for me, I am still new on this type of literature. Thanks for your efforts reading and commenting. One more thing, can I be one of your friends? Thanks again

  • It;s still quite hard for me to understand poems in English, but it sounds great to read. Nice! :D

  • Asante sana Molamane! Thanks for pressing the like button of Deep Love.

  • Khosh amdi Venus. Thanks for your encouraging words. By the way, you are not active during the last few weeks. I hope you are doing well. /extend my regards to your friends and family.

  • Someone helps me! it is getting deep inside!

    Someone helps me, I am trying to scape myself but I can't do any because you made nest in my heart, my love...

    Thank you dara gino ...for post

  • Pas de quoi Diane pero imagine a beautiful woman like you fall in love with someone, wouldn't he be scared of that beauty? Thanks for your comment. I hope to receive the friend request soon. Thanks again.

  • I think it's sad, but beautiful. And I think you shouldn't be scared, just enjoy it, you can't escape it anyway :)

  • Suasdee Pint! Thanks for pressing the like button of that poem.

  • Khaili mumnoon Behnam! Lol, I noticed from the way you talk, well .. It is ok. I meant that love is getting to the roots of my heart. You are not naughty but you like joking. Thank you very much my dear good friend. 

  • Hi,

    Very nice, but I didn't get what is getting inside! A little bit confusing you know, specially for naughty people like me. LOOOL!

    I am kidding. It was very nice. I wish you more success in poetry.

    All the best,

    Behnam, 27 November, 2017

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