Deep love

What am I going to do about love?

It is getting deep down. I am scared.

I am scared if I met you by chance.

Our path brought you to us on that day.

Oh! My soul,

You take all the blame on me and increase my concern.

people could imagine ignorance or forgetfulness 

It is neither of them.

What am I going to do about love?

Someone help me! It is getting deep inside! 

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  • Love is one of the blessing word,,,,love it comes one to another. parents and childern love is differ from birds love ,animals love , so each and every object of living things are different,

            i also loved a beautiful girl ,when i was studying in college. she was very beautiful , we were always seeing each other,,,,i don't tell my love to her, she  don't tell her love to me, but even now i loved her.when i talked with here,,she is speaking with me so kind and generous .we have our feeling in our mind , love is great one ,it   would be blessing of the god.

  • Vanakkam mod. Nadira! It is better to be very careful when dealing with people through websites. You could not tell or know the feelings of the other person. Thanks, mod. Nadira. 

  • Intense love is sacrifice ...
    if its a one sided love there is going to be heart ache .
    I feel one should not get too emotional or expect the same :)
  • Bahut bahut shukriya Rozina! You have been absent for a long time. I hope you are in a good condition. Happy new year and thanks for your observations about that poem, Deep Love. I agree with you, my lady, Thanks again for your nice comment.

  • Mashkoora ya SNR. Love can be very hard on certain occasions. Thanks for your comment.

  • Sub sei paihili, aap kider? Long time, my dear lady, Rozina. I hope you are doing well. I agree with you, true love never dies, even if we become old. Thanks Rozina for your nice comment.

  • In my opinion, most of the time its attraction not love .. love is rare. Moreover, we have made it obsolete by imposing religion and norms.  As per my observation true love never dies.. So beware  my friendly suggestion is not to get into depth..  

  • Thanks Paul James. I share the same thought with you. In love, we suffer a lot. Some people spend the rest of their lives feeling happy with their love ones. Thanks Paul.

  • Saya harap begitu juga, mod. Onee. I really need that someone. Thanks for your comment.

  • Somebody should help you, Teacher Dara. I hope so. :)))) 

    Nice poem! :)

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