Dear Learners

This year, 21 EC members are vying for the highest score in the MAJOR QUIZ. Some of them have undergone a complete participation on the three lessons given in the Grammarly Yours group. They studied thoroughly and made their way to the top on the 3 quizzes.  I salute you dear learners for doing a job well done.  

You have given your best and if your best is not enough, at least you have tried your best.  Thank you for your warm participation.  Without you, this lessons and quizzes would never be considered a success.
I closed MAJOR QUIZ temporarily for the checking of your answers.  Your score will be viewed tomorrow evening.
In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to give honor, the highest accolade I can give, to the member whose devotion and determination to maintain her excellent score on the 3 quizzes has paved the way to inspire me to do this blog.  She maintained her perfect score on all the 3 quizzes:
Let's meet and congratulate the Grand Slam TOPNOTCHER of the year:
Good luck dear Learners, let's see who's gonna make it to the top tomorrow!  
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  • Congratulations nida! Keep it up!

  • Haha... I never knew that my words would amuse you to the maximum level.  Evangelina, you give your laughter easily.  My pupils don't laugh at my jokes most of the time.  They don't find my "Class, get a one fourth sheet of paper", very amusing.

    I just wonder why! :)

  • escaped, skipped, walked away from the lessons and the quizzes.  Oh my goodness!  Our leader will surely punish you for being the most sluggish, kekeke!

    I think Nido is also following your footsteps, huh!  I think I am going crazy with you guys.  You are indeed a unique kind of human beings.  

    Don't tell me that your spaceship is waiting for you again!  So what planet are you going to conquer this time?

  • Evangelina.......I should have changed the title to BATTLE OF THE GENDERS, hahaha!  

    And it should be known from the start so that the boys would have struggled a bit (or a lot?) and made a fair competition against the girls.  Hmm...I didn't think about this nice idea. 

    I wonder how the king's land would react to your statement, Evangelina, hahaha!

  • WOW! Congratulation for Nida.. and thank you so much for your help.

    Your lessons are very helpful.. and your quizzes are tricky. They made me think more and more..

  • Setareh and Samuel.......Thank you for your active participation.  I will never forget you for being a part of this.  

    I am excited to know your scores guys.  I hope you did a thorough study during this LAST QUIZ.

  • Dear Anne, thanks for all your efforts.
  • CONGRATULATIONS LADY ANNE,To the success of the tests, and everyone benefited them. And everyone wishes you always successful.

  • CONGRATULATIONS NIDA, with best wishes to you by the permanent success and permanent happiness.

  • Yeah....even in our place, Jesson.  We were signal 2 this morning but the weather was so fine.  It's only now that we can feel the heaviness of the rain.  Look at how big it is:


This reply was deleted.