Dear Learners

This year, 21 EC members are vying for the highest score in the MAJOR QUIZ. Some of them have undergone a complete participation on the three lessons given in the Grammarly Yours group. They studied thoroughly and made their way to the top on the 3 quizzes.  I salute you dear learners for doing a job well done.  

You have given your best and if your best is not enough, at least you have tried your best.  Thank you for your warm participation.  Without you, this lessons and quizzes would never be considered a success.
I closed MAJOR QUIZ temporarily for the checking of your answers.  Your score will be viewed tomorrow evening.
In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to give honor, the highest accolade I can give, to the member whose devotion and determination to maintain her excellent score on the 3 quizzes has paved the way to inspire me to do this blog.  She maintained her perfect score on all the 3 quizzes:
Let's meet and congratulate the Grand Slam TOPNOTCHER of the year:
Good luck dear Learners, let's see who's gonna make it to the top tomorrow!  
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  • lol...seems so... and sorry, some typos..:p

    Ohh, I felt being a hundred twenty years old... lol

    Hope we're still alive, of course we'll meet again.. :))

  • are making great speeches here, eh?  Hahaha

    Remember dear Learners that I am only recording the result of your achievement.  The greatest performance still lies in your willingness and determination to learn and excel.

    Thanks everybody for your great participation.  This batch is a bunch of great minds and great hearts.  Keep up the good work!

    Let's meet again for another lesson during my next vacation!

  • Congratulations Nida!

  • Thank you Lady Anne and Onee for your encouragement. 

  • Dear Daniel, Evangelina, I am Vietnamese, F & A, Jesson, Lipgloss, Ha Nguyen, M. Hakim, Mishaikh, Nick, Nida, Nimzaf, Rabab, Ratu, Saba, Samuel, Sashi Lily, Setareh, Stranger in The Night, and Vision.

    Oh, and of course all participants in Quiz 8, 9, 10 who are not attending here.. *a bit sad :(

    I want to convey my greetings to all of you. Although we're never be friend or never talk each other, I'm really glad having this experience with you. I think all of you would agree with me that we're testing ourselves here. Without all of you (including me), there would be no best score. Like Stranger said "Participation is more important than Victory". Good luck for us, who have a great effort for this..:) 

    Anyway, "Congrats for your great effort Nida"

    And many many many thanks to our dearest teacher here, Lady Anne, who provide these quizes, who spent her valuable time, and guide us when answering questions. Ohh, I don't know anymore how to express my gratitude to're right, this is interesting,, hehe...

    Good luck for our English! Be with us always, teacher... :D

  • Congratulations Nida and Thanks Anele for your time and work. I am glad to hear that the storm has passed there, Anele. The typhoon season has started already, it seems always to come there earlier than my place. Hope that everyone stays safe this year. 

  • Congratulations Dear Nido MashaAllah such dedication is admirable.

    Thanks Anele for the great lessons you have succeeded to bring me back from my sluggishness island kekeke

  • Thanks to ALMIGHTY Anne, it's gone without making any harm

  • Thanks Mishaikh.......Everything is okay now.  The storm has passed already.  He carried heavy rains only and nothing ominous followed.  

  • May Allah save you all Anne,

This reply was deleted.