Dancing Is Praying

Life is a song; for some it’s a short song and for some it’s a very long song but for everyone it has both sad and happy melody. A song should be sung otherwise it’s in vain.
Some believe that we ourselves write and play the song while others believe that God, destiny or whatever has already written the song and we just play it.

Where do I want to go by all this; actually I love exercising and I also love music; now imagine if these two are combined together the result will be something amazing. You can call it dance or a special exercise called aerobic or whatever you want, but no doubt it’s so beautiful. The other day after four or five months of being busy in the morning I registered my name for aerobic classes. As we were following our instructor according to music I felt like every cell in my body came to life. It was like they were dead and the music and movement brought them to life all over again.

I said to myself if by praying, meditation, reading or whatever we try to boost our mentality what do we do to enhance our physical body. We should appreciate our body by eating healthy food and exercising; this exercising can be dancing, running, playing a special sport. So I believe dancing is praying that our body does to express its gratefulness for having this wonderful body which along our soul helps us to sing the life’s song as beautifully as possible. Don’t forget that healthy mind and healthy body are so connected and one cannot exist without the other. That’s all; I just liked to share it with you. Thanks for reading.

P.s. Dear Evangelina, so many times you asked me to write something, so here I am. I hope you like it. Thanks for encouraging me to write.

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  • "Life hurts more than death". We should always let go off sadness and depression as well for we are the birds of passage .Your thoughts are heavenly and they are also the reminiscences of the adverse times in our lives which we all go through in order to grow through .

    It has been many moons since I have not heard from you .Hope all is well on your side Seterah.

  • Hi Setareh! You expressed it very well! I know what you mean! I feel the same! Sometimes when I hear a good music I can dance! And sometimes I like to do anything, just to move, just to feel my body alive! Right now I am trying to learn the pull ups, using one hand.

    Yes, and you know, sometimes I even think that I feel, that my body say "Thank you" to myself for doing the exercises, or just for a short run.

    Thank you for sharing! Have a good time!

  • I call it zumba. :))) Zumba is an exercise fitness program created by Colombian dancer and cyclist/choreographer Alberto (taken from mr google) So enjoy seterah, with rhythm exercise or work out pretty enjoyable...... 

  • Dear Setareh! There is a close connection between the healthy body and mind... if one gets upset then other ones also get unsound,what the meaning of living life if haven't ups and downs.

    so nice blog, dear. 

  • Life is a gift. If it is good for our body, why not? :)

    Nice post, my dear Setareh. :)

  • Dear Camel, I'm sure life has ups and downs for everybody. It's not always a bed of roses, but it's a chance to make mistakes, learn, hate, love, laugh, cry and live every moment. Thanks for your comment.

  • Dear Kal, thanks for taking time and reading my post.

    Dear Evangelina, thanks for your Evangilish :) comment which always boost my spirit. I wish you all the best.

  • Dear Saba, long time no see. I hope you are doing great. Thanks for stopping by.

    Dear Estains, i agree ; it seems music gives more energy to do exersice. Thanks for your comment.

  • Dear Setareh,

    I'm only an aesthete.I can not dance or sing.But I most like dancing and songs.many thanks for sharing your beneficial post.

  • I get your point. I have similar feelings while doing spinning. Even when you're tired, music makes you keep on pedalling faster. It's a great sensation.
    Thanks for sharing Setareh!
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