Maybe you have already heard that Japanese people are hardworking, Germans are punctual, Englishmen are reserved. Can we apply something like this on the whole nation? As we know every nation is created by the people and their characteristic features, customs, habits, atmosphere in the society, historical development etc., in fact all these aspects from my point of view form typical national character. Since everyone of us belongs to some nation, it is obvious that sometimes we might be not aware of good or bad side of our own national character and in this case it is the best idea to ask foreigners. Only people from the different culture, society can independently tell us what they find little bit different in comparison to their national character. Have you ever asked your friends here on My EC what do they consider weird, funny or ridiculous about you, your customs or habits? If not - go for it, propably you can find out something new, what will widen your horizons and will force you to think about it long and hard. Ehm, exactly as I had done before I started writing this blog.

Anyway, let's move on. Dear friends, today in this blog I would like to introduce you in short the Czech nation. I don't want to talk only about our national character but also about what we like and dislike or what you can come across when you visit my country. Please, take it easy, read it at your own risk and I hope you won't block me afterwards because..... I am one of them :-D

1. Czechs are cold and reserved at first sight

Let's start with something negative since Czechs are according to the reasearches one of the most pessimistic nations in the world :-D Well, talking from my own experience, yes I have to admit that when you come here and see the people walking on the streets looking down, nobody cares about anybody, nobody smiles at anybody – it might give really weird impression. It doesn't mean we are heartless but we are not simply so friendly with the strangers. Howerver, once you give us a chance to enter your world, we can show you that we are the best companions with the awesome sense of humour.

2. Socks and sandals in the summer? Not a big deal!

I seriously don't know, if this fashionable issue is some historical herritage but one thing I know – I hate it! Czech women are fashionable I can say but sometimes when you see next to the noble lady a man wearing socks and sandals then one must laugh. Of course that partly this woman is reponsible for it but some men are simply so stubborn that they don't care about their ridiculous appearance.

3. Czechs blow their nose in the public without hesitation

Once I had a skype video call with my friend and in the middle of it I sneezed. I started immediately blowing my nose and that one guy was staring at me with open mouth. I asked: „What's wrong?“ and I was told that in many countries blowing nose in front of other people is being considered something totally impolite. Oh my gosh!!! I didn't know it so since that one moment I am more careful. Here people blow their nose on the streets, if it is needed and nobody cares, even in front of the family members we are free to do that.

4. Czechs like the fairy tales

There is a long history as for the Czech fairy tales. There are many Czech cartoons, many movies were filmed and inspired by our national fairy tales, some of them even in black and white version. When Christmas time comes, there are always so many fairy tales on TV. It might sound maybe little bit cool but during the Christmas day all the family gather in the living room and watch the fairy tales, no matter how old they are.

5. Czechs don't want to hear that you are doing fantastic! We are envious.

If two people meet accidently and ask each other: "How are you doing?" Do believe me that if one of them would answer: "Ohh, I am fantastic, I have never been better." In this case the second one will start doubting if the first one didn't go mad OR worse option - they will start envy. Envy is one of the worst characteristic features of our nation. We envy too much each other – no matter if it is question of money, better job, great figure etc.

5. Czechs LOVE Ice Hockey

I would say the most popular sport people watch on TV is without doubt Ice Hockey. As soon as our team is qualified for the final during the World Championship or the Olympic Games, we become so patriotic and support our team no matter what. It is also great that our top players who play in NHL or in other countries take it as a duty to join the national Ice Hockey team. Families watch the match, people gather in the pubs and watch the match, there are big screens on the squares so that people would be able to watch the match.

Czech people turn to the absolutely crazy fans and want the only one - victory!

6. Czechs have cool sense of humour

This is a special chapter, which is hard to describe. We have very unique sense of humour. Even though we are in some bad situation, we are able to make jokes, which somehow push us and force us to overcome it. Another one important fact I would like to mention is that we can make fun of ourself. We don't take everything so seriously. Our sense of humour is specific and also very smart. I have just remembered that once when I used to study we went clubbing with our English teacher from the USA and we told him typical Czech joke: "A sceleton comes to the pub and says: One beer and.. floorcloth, please." I don't know why but it took a long time to our teacher to get it. We all were staring at him and were waiting and waiting, finally in some minutes he burst out laughing.

Well, there are so many other interesting facts about Czech people I would like to share - for instance we are one of the most atheistic nations in the world, we like collecting mushrooms, keep some traditions etc. but I don't want to make it boring for you. So thank you so much for reading it and I would be glad, if you leave a comment with at least one line about your national character.

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  • those informations are new for me, thank you sweety; i hope the best for you :)

  • Ehab, thank you for your comment and for your line about Egyptian ppl. As for Skype I used it very rarely and have almost no chance to talk there often...

    Behgy, as I have already said not only here in my country we do this and yeah if you find it yuck I can find many things yuckyyy about your country :-D so stop offending my awesome country I live in and btw as for your list m not envious at all, omgggg!!!

    Daniel, thanx for your comment, I also like reading about different countries etc. What about to post a blog about Brazil?

    Jerry, m glad you liked my blog and LOL that's awesome we produce such qualite machines and even people in China work withi them.. woooow! This is sth new to me and now m so proud of being Czech :-D thanx for your comment

  • Hi, Luci, thanks for your great blog, after reading off the article about your Czech people's cluture hobbies and other interesting things, I think a probable image of Czech is formed in my brain. I already felt the Czech quality a few years before when I worked in a wood plant, the plant bought a log-saw machine from your coutry, the machine have a lot of advantages than the home's, so the plant have being gotten the benifits from the machine, so I have being had a wonderful impression of Czech. Thanks for give me more knowlege about your country, Luci!!

  • Hi Luci, attractive blog topic! Ilove to read about, history, culture, and, of course, language. I'm Brazilian and I think most of people should probably agree Brazilians have an extraordinary mood come what may. This is one of the features Brazilians and Czechs share.

  • Hello my friend Luci

    I want to  thank you for your fantastic blog.

    Egyptian People are friendly, hospitable and modest. 

    Do you want to add me in your facebook . My address is


    thank you again


  • Socks and sandals in the summer? Not a big deal!

    I hate it too.. I always think, why they should combine it? *tik*tok*tik*tok* but I don't care, its depend their mood to wear it. I love your blog Luci, always interesting to read it..

    Waiting for the next one ^_^

  • Anele,

    grrrrrr I hate this weird combination wearing socks with sandals, would never be able to walk like this in the public, would rather die :-D Btw don't worry there is sth I envy you - your awesome English :-D Thanx for liking it and yeah my plan is to write 100 blogs in one year :-D Let's see if I am capable of it...

  • Hmm.... are you trying to tell me that you love to wear socks and sandals during summer? that you are envious? Should I cower from fear and walk away? I don't wanna be the object of your envy.  Actually, you won't find anything about me which is enviable.  

    hahaha.......You will always be the original Luci.  You are unique in your own sense.  You should be the one to be envied for!  Do you know the easiest way to combat such irrisistible feeling of envy?  Just don't compare yourself to others.  This is the best weapon.

    Another great blog, Luci....Are you on your way to the hundredth blog?

  • Barbie, thanx for comment, I also like reading about other countries, cultures etc. It attracts me a lot. Great you mentioned also some negative becuase nobody wants to mention them :-D anyway, if you are lazy then m super lazy :-D you - such a busy chick :-p

    Valentine, thanx for your comment and it is awesome that somewhere else ppl also have the same morals or habits :-D m glad you liked it

    tintin, thanx for readint it and for liking it, great you meantioned also some charachteristics as for your country btw I will better not talk about ppl in our villages, some of them are pretty stinky btw.

    Guys, one thing blowing nose is I would say sth normal in Europe. It isn't only polite to do it when we eat. So don't take it like - only we Czechs are according to your culture some pigs :-D

    BTW no offend but on the other hand I wouldn't be able to go to the toilet people in east use :-p

  • Blowing nose in front of everyone! EW! BTW amazing blog, Luci. I enjoyed reading every single line of it (except only the 'blowing nose' part! That's disgusting!)

    We Bangladeshis are famous for our simplicity, hospitality and happiness. We are friendly by nature and can make friends easily.

    Our village people, specially elder people like to eat betel leaf with areca nut and they have a habit to spit everywhere! I don't know if it is more weird than blowing nose in front of everyone!

This reply was deleted.