Cyber assault

Two days ago, I heard about the news of three or four big famous companies that were raided by hackers. I was floored by the news. I took the news from a narrow-angle. My money in the bank. What will happen if they attack the bank?  The supply of data stealing products and services  is growing. Is the internet not safe anymore? I have heard about  some banks in the US or the UK. They were many fraud attempts or criminal acts on them. They blocked many attempts of hackers attack. I do not have much money in the bank but it gives a lot of pain. The right is hard. Even if you have one dollar in your account. I do not have any idea how these cybercriminals get access to those accounts. The hackers are very adept at revising their styles or methods to evade any detection.

My brother, engineer Khalid is a computer programmer. He always tells me about their methods and  it is not easy to capture them. According to my brother, those intruders have ways to get to your system. When I asked him what would happen to my money if any cyber attempt occurred. He smiled. He hasn't had much to smile about lately. The corners of his mouth turned up to show amusement, then he continued, "most of those people are very smart and genius. The matter is not about your money or my money. It's about countries and governments. Hackers tried to sneak onto the system of the ministries of defense or foreign affairs.  Of course, governments cannot do this alone. I mean to defend themselves from those attackers."

To tell you the truth, I was worried from the growing of the malicious and wicked attempts of those criminals.  

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  • Kiya haal hain Pankaj Verma? I hope you are in a good condition. 

  • Main pata hain, mera perishani lakin kiya karega. Mera paisa hudar. My money is in the bankI have to worry about it. Thanks, Galib for your comment on cyber assault!

  • I don't have bank Balance . So I am not worry about Cyber crime :)

  • hlo everbody

  • Bien sur mon ami, Sam Setif. If they put their brains in good deeds, it's ok. 

  • Selamat Fanda! Anda teman bagus. Saya harap anda selalu baik dan bekerja banyak karena saya mau anda de atas. Congratulations Fanda! You deserve it.

  • I got scholarship to continue my graduate at Washington D.C., Wish me luck, sir :)

  • they are smart men ,

  • the hackers who give the IT field progressing, let thank them,

  • Hehe, terima kasih banyak teman ku! Saya senang berkenalan dengan anda Fanda. Silakhan, melihat Ashura juga dan koment. I really appreciate your nice words. By the way, where have you been, Fanda? Thanks for your comment on cyber assault! 

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