Cyber assault

Two days ago, I heard about the news of three or four big famous companies that were raided by hackers. I was floored by the news. I took the news from a narrow-angle. My money in the bank. What will happen if they attack the bank?  The supply of data stealing products and services  is growing. Is the internet not safe anymore? I have heard about  some banks in the US or the UK. They were many fraud attempts or criminal acts on them. They blocked many attempts of hackers attack. I do not have much money in the bank but it gives a lot of pain. The right is hard. Even if you have one dollar in your account. I do not have any idea how these cybercriminals get access to those accounts. The hackers are very adept at revising their styles or methods to evade any detection.

My brother, engineer Khalid is a computer programmer. He always tells me about their methods and  it is not easy to capture them. According to my brother, those intruders have ways to get to your system. When I asked him what would happen to my money if any cyber attempt occurred. He smiled. He hasn't had much to smile about lately. The corners of his mouth turned up to show amusement, then he continued, "most of those people are very smart and genius. The matter is not about your money or my money. It's about countries and governments. Hackers tried to sneak onto the system of the ministries of defense or foreign affairs.  Of course, governments cannot do this alone. I mean to defend themselves from those attackers."

To tell you the truth, I was worried from the growing of the malicious and wicked attempts of those criminals.  

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  • A good article Mr. Dara gino, you must be proud to be a father of your son. A computer programmer has big responsibilities to make our life easier with technology and to protect user safety from hacker attacks. :)

  • Cam on Keiko Nguyen! Believe me, it's not for knowledge or education. My money is at stake. Some people think that I might be joking or something, but the matter is more than joking or kidding. When you plan to build a house. naturally, you must have some money somewhere. Thanks, Keiko for your nice comment!

  • Oh! Mon deu Tina! Suinto muito, you are giving more horror. Jade, Abdennour, AG, all of them said the same thing. Where am I to go? The only safe way is to go to the bank and take my deposit. You are giving me a very dark picture. I am thinking of throwing my credit card or return it to the bank and whenever I need cash I should go personally and withdraw any amount I need. Thanks, Tina for your nice advice! I hope to become one of your friends.

  • I saw your blog and I have no idea about this. I just want to say thanks for your sharing for me to know more this information

  • Xie xie Jade! That was very interesting. You speak like my brother Khalid. You know what? When you enter his office and inside the workshop, you find different kinds of computers and their spare parts like rams, hard discs, monitors. thanks for that long and useful explanation.

  • Dear Dara!

    I agree with your brother. I think hackers mostly threaten the national and international security systems. But as there will be antivirus software to defeat a new computer virus, there will be smarter genius haired by the government to defeat the hackers.

    It’s much harder to hide in a world ruled by electronic technology, especially when almost everyone shares something to the internet world. The world consisting of zero and one is honest and what we do to it will always be recorded. Hackers are like spies, when their real identities have been found,  there will be two ways for them. One is to retire, the other is to work for the camp who found them. That is one of the reason why governments always have anti-hacker teams.

    That’s just my personal opinion. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Bahut shukriya ap pasand button press kiya! main tumara raay manta. Thanks for pressing the like button of cyber assault!

  • Ya AG, hadi shwaya. ana ma bagi ila arooh wa asheel flusi min albank. You really gave me the creeps. I hope that the lawyer will bring back your money. Thanks for your nice advice!

  • Mr. Dara, it is a real fact, unfortunately.. I think my company now is arranging to hire a lawyer in UAE to sue the criminal.. I am not sure about the details what my management is doing about it... but for sure, we are thinking that we can not do much about it.. what happened has happened....

    Anyway, I join my voice to your brother's, we as individuals are not targeted as brutally as the big companies, banks, and governments are.. However, a person should be careful.. 

  • Wa baadeen maak ya AG! Ana aish aamal? Alhikayah ahi wadha. You frightened me more and I might think of taking my deposit and bringing it home. Look what happened to you and to that company in the United Arab Emirates? Did you complain to the police?  As the matter of fact, your story brought the horror inside me to the maximum point. What shall I do? People!

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