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  • Mashaal,Thank you for this provocative questions..that stirs everyone to answer and I am proud of you.

  • I think, we are here to take care of all the things HE (GOD) had created.

  • Allah created human being (and also jin) for HIS (Ebadah)pray.
    All good deeds the life teaches are Ebadah, and bad deeds are DISOBEDIENCE.
    Following the commandments of Allah in the guidelines of HIS Prophets is the purpose of life.

  • For me, the question is: Human being created God... what for?

    But anyway, this is a 'complicated' topic and you look very young to worry about stuff like this now (I dont know if it's your picture tho)

    Forget about it and have fun learning english!

  • Oi there,

      I read this compliment ping-pong match with unhidden amusement as the debate over the main topic was mostly one-way traffic - it revolved around what holy scrips say about the creation of homo sapiens without giving much attention to other options in this particular matter.

      Holy Scripts claim that we, the homo sapiens, are the divine deed of the Almighty and, furthermore, there is a main purpose for this creation.

      On the other hand, a large group of scientists have come to the conclusion all life on Earth evolved from a single cell "bacteria" in the primordial broth and what more, they have provided substantial, documented proof of it.

      If we assume that the contributor of this blog is indeed a child, then I remain absolutely sure that answering him would be "mission impossible".

      Nevertheless, I do agree with Evangelina that we should go easy on those posting such questions as this is the characteristincs of all human beings: curiosity and hunger for knowledge. Therefore we should not put a restrictive "stop" sign, but rather try to enrich the general knowledge of the person posting such questions, keeping in mind that some questions may be posted as purely irritating or annoying provocations.

  • Kamusta Mashaal P. Macadaag! Maramin salamat para sa iyong tanong, pero upang sumamba. Is it possible to be one of your friends? 

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