Covered face or bared face?

What is purpose of marriage in Islam ? To my understanding, to save faith and prevent the believer from evil gaze at other women who are out of his blood relatives.  In view of this concept, covering full face while walking with husband in public places doesn't make sense and doesn't help gaining the purpose of marriage. In such condition,  it is quite difficult for the husband to control his gaze when the wife covers her face with the piece of cloth. 

So, I am of the view that wife should not cover her face rather bare face with slight make-up on her face while she is with her husband outside the house so he enjoys the beauty of her face and not need to turn his gaze there and there. What do you say? 
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  • I don't get it... if your eyes are the problem, you have to cover them... not the other way around!!!


  • By the way I take scarf :) is it ok?  :D with makeup or without make up this is another thing ha ha ha 

    • Haha I have no objection whatever you take with makeup or witbout it. By your thoughts you seem to be very sober and decent. Thank for visiting here 

  • I just like when you say: 'doesn't make sense'. 

    That can summarize the topic of this blog. 


    • Yes it doesn't make sense the husband is deprived of his basic right if he can't see her beautiful face, especially in public places where beauty contest is at its peak. :D 

      Thank for the agreement 

      • Note to self:


        sigh ¬¬

        • Don't get it. Plz elaborate it or is there any philosopher who can enunciate it for me :D 

  • In Quran man are being warnd first to lower their gaze, then the women are advised to cover their beauty.  Covering of face is not Islamic.  There is no such instruction to cover the face, but to maintain the hijab.  Keeping your innerself chaste is the real hijab, rest all are secondary.  What will be the use of covering the face and not keeping your innerself clean.  What is emphasized is to oberve the cleanliness of your soul, for which you have to adopt some aspects which will take you to the purity of soul.

    • @Mishaikh I agree with you 100% 

      Thank for shsring your thouhhts

  • Bilkul! It is better that I see my wife in her best ways and looks. We, men do not stick to one channel, but that is not healthy. Thanks Persona for sharing. Could I be one of your friends? Thanks.

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