People returning from foreign countries are bringing a new wave of coronavirus cases to my city. The visitors of my city also do the same. I live in Najaf, a holy city. The city are visited by many tourists because it contains Imam Ali's shrine. The results of examinations have shown that some people here have symptoms of covid-19.

Government orders people to lockdown to keep themselves in quarantine for unknown period, so we have furlough now. The whole country is under complete lockdown. Government's decision is good because covid-19 is very dangerous, moreover the incubation of covid-19 is fourteen days so it is not easy to note symptoms on patients in the beginning. In addition, old people have a weak immunity system and are easy to catch infection of this epidemic.

The outbreak of covid-19 epidemic in my country has showed many facts. During an emergency, people don’t hoard to buy food. Simply, because most of them are poor although they very helpful. They help each other for example rich men donate food and money to help poor families. Some young local men enlist as volunteers staff. They set out sterilizing streets and public places. Health officials have said the worst is yet to come and the cases would overwhelm Najaf’s hospitals, which now have just few intensive care units. For this reason, some young volunteer as paramedics, waiting emergency times to involve. Some form a committee to pray on dead people and prepare suitable graveyard far from the city to bury victims according to Muslim ceremony.  

But the main problems here, are the shortage of health's equipment such as ventilators.
Iraqi doctors have discovered a new vaccine and they are testing it now.

Please pray to all humanity to stay healthy.

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  • Atafig maak ya tawfeeq! Visitors or tourists play a major role in the outbreak of the virus. I hope you stay safe.

    • Thank you dear Dara for your nice comment.Take care of yourself.

  •  Same problem in whole over the world. First in the begining we don't care and when it get serious then we can't control. Stay safe...................

    • Hi Rajib, yes, we have  the same suffering nowadays. Take care please. Many thanks for your comment.

  • Hello, Tawfeeq. We are facing a difficult situation. We must get over this difficulty together.

    • The pandemic itself is a proof of our humanity and proves clearly that we live in one world might be affected by any danger. It also units many communities. So I pray to all human to stay safe and healthy because our destiny is the same. Thank you Tam for your comment.

  •   We are praying  . May Allah  ends this pandemic  soon and save our souls everywhere  on this globe 

    • You know, our country is already unstable and  the coronavirus pandemic will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back of  our weak economic. Thank you Rosemary for  nice your comment.

  • Hi, tawfeeq.

    The globalized world has advantages and disadvantages.
    I also think that business and leisure travelers have contributed to the rapid spread of the new Coronavirus. There is no other explanation for me.
    In addition, China had been far too late when they admitted there are a new virus and its associated problems, and how dangerous and deadly that virus is.
    When I see what problems the "rich" countries already have in coping with the crisis, I can only remotely imagine what the problems are in countries and regions that have been marked by other crises, such as wars, poverty, water and food shortage.

    By the way, your Voice record is quite good. I understood you clearly without reading the text.
    Good job! Admittedly, I can't tell you if your pronunciation was correct in every detail, because I am also not flawless.

    • I think the governments' reactions in Western Europe are too late. They don’t consider the risk of such virus. The death tolls nowadays there surged to more than tens of thousands people.
      Anyway, people here don’t have much food and money and our government forced people to be at their homes. I pray to overcome the big plight very soon.
      Rose Iris, I wish you and your family to be safe and healthy. I am glad to hear that you can understand my record. Thank you for your nice comment.

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