Corona Versus our Consciences


What is going on? Is it the end of the world or the end of humanity? Would it be a conspiracy of some sort? On the other hand, it might be a pure act of gaining money. More than a quarter of a million people went to the other world. Here, the equation is not balanced.

Shall we go back to ourselves and our consciences? Corona is the cause. Yes, it could be the reason, why not? It could be a matter of paying attention to our deeds. At least, we have done something bad, real bad!

We cheat, Corona does not cheat. We steal, the virus does not. We make wars and kill men, women, and children. Corona does that, but at least, it does not kill kids. We make differences and levels between people. Corona does not know the rich, the poor, or the strong ones.

We oppress, commit adultery, open houses for fornication, viciousness, and many more. That tiny agent that cannot be seen only by the microscope does not do that. Corona brought terror to us, but at the same time, it made our stay at home with our parents, sisters, and brothers and feel one another.

 Finally, at the end of the road, medication would be found for Corona. The problem would be what is the medication for ourselves?

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  • wonderful idea!And this short post expressed everything precisely


    • Fatabi, domo arigato Airi Ozaki! Once more, thanks for your nice and encouraging words. I really appreciate it. 

  • all your questions carry a big reflexion  in my mind, I am thiking that our new style of living is among us for the rest of ours lives not for a short time.this is a big war but who is the oponent?

    • No lo se, Laura! That was why I wanted you to see this blog. There were many things in common. Believe me, sooner or later, people will know about the slightest details about coronavirus. Thanks, Laura for your nice comment. 

  • Hello Dara. It's been awhile. Great post actually. How can we balance life nowadays? Yes, corona virus harm and killed people, but people also do to each other too. Vaccines would be available soon to combat the virus, how about those people who constantly harm people? What is the remedy for these kind of people? We never know. What I know now is, lockdown gives me more time with my family. More time with my myself, more time to rekindle relationships, more time to do the things I love. More time to read books and hone my skills. More time to God. I hope everyone looks at the brighter side of this world problem. Keep safe everyone. 

    • Maraming salamat Glosky! Looking at your valuable comment, I really came with the conclusion that we have to revise, we have to look back and see what was going on? I am happy that you are giving more time to your family and to the things you love. Thanks, Glosky for your comment. 

    • Salamat Dara

    • Walang anu man, Glosky! Welcome!

  • Teskkur edrim Tufan! We are all hoping for that medicine. Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • Very meaningful comments! I must add if corona could think it wouldn't hurt us as much as it does. We all need different medications to be better. Hope we all recieve it soon. 🙏🏻

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