Hello World; a world under a new reality; living with a small virus so powerful that has jailed us in our homes. This is going to be the new normal for some time - Living in isolation, keeping a distance from each other a.k.a. social distancing. The world after Corona will be a different world.

So many lives have been lost to this invisible enemy across the world - the same as to so many jobs. And yet there is no light visible at the end of the tunnel. How many more months are we going to live this? And how many more loved ones should perish? Nobody knows. The economy across the world is collapsing.

This is another “Made in China” product in our homes. The eating habit in China is coming to surface one more time. This virus has been passed from one type of bat to some Chinese in Wuhan. Why do some Chinese eat bats? There is no creature on this planet whether in air, on land or in the sea that won’t find its way on their tables. Call it delicacy food?

All governments worldwide should act against the eating culture in China. After this pandemic is over, the Chinese government must be held responsible for the suffering they caused to humanity. This was not the first time and won’t be the last that disease in that country got passed from a wild animal to humans. Enough is enough. They must reconsider what they call “food”.

We must air the voice across the globe. China must pay for the damage and suffering they caused to humanity. China must pay.


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  • @Muhammad:

    I don’t find your comment relevant to my post. But I comment back on a few points.

    (1) This post is not about rich counties and poor countries. It’s about the irresponsible eating habit of some Chinese that has put the world, including themselves, in trouble. (2) I agree that the Chinese have been eating wild animals in the past too and possibly got infected with similar diseases, but those were different times where airplanes travel and tourism did not exist like today. Please google on the past events where similar viruses came out of China. This is not the first time. (3) I agree that USA, UK, France and Germany did commit atrocities in the past (or even present) in some parts of the world, but again it’s irrelevant to my posting. (4) You asked about my age. I checked your page and if your pictures are recent, I can be your father, although it’s again irrelevant in this argument.



    This is not a hate speech. From your comment, I think you are from China. Please let me emphasize that China is a great country with wonderful people. I have many Chinese friends and some of them come to my home and they invite me to their homes. I’m sorry if you found hurt feelings, but please look at the mess China has put the world in now.


  • I consider this a hate speech, and hope it will get deleted. 

  • what the H? are you kidding me? China must pay for it? How old are you little thinker?

    Chinese are eating these things for centuries! And this claim which the Coronavirus has been made or started in China has not been proved yet!

    But let me tell you something! USA, UK, France and Germany have killed milions of innocent people till now and they are doing so!

    Like a parasite,these so called powers have sucked the whole world and built their so-called first world nations on the blood of milions of innocent people.

    Why no one say "the west must pay"!?

    It is clear to me that people like you are very selfish. You only talk about humanity and human rights when you are hurt.

    And I'm goining to repeat my statment about coronavirus on MyEC:

    Hunger virus kills 8,000 children worldwide every day.
    While its vaccine (food) has been discovered for millions of years!
    But you don't hear about it in the media.
    Do you know why?
    Because hunger doesn't kill the rich!

This reply was deleted.