Cooking vs Writing

    There are so many activities, we try to engage ourselves in, to spend our leisure time. One of the greatest activities, I have explored, is writing,which not only keeps our mind healthy, but also brings about educational growth, which plays a vital role in career building process.

    Whereas, some people prefer cooking to any other activities, to keep themselves busy in their free time. I had no idea that cooking is also a very creative job and great art unless I, myself, experienced it. Besides it, the women, who excel in cooking, rule at everyone's heart at home and enslave them easily by serving delicious dishes.

  So, let's analyze some important points of cooking in comparison with writing blog

    First, for cooking, the most difficult and challenging step is to choose the dish, which everyone at home enjoy having. Similarly, for writing blog, the most intensive and stressful stage is the choice of appropriate topic, which may attract more and more readers and enjoyable for all.

  When we, after so much cares, successfully select the dish to cook and topic to write. The second step is to buy the requisite ingredients of the dish as per recipe. Similarly, for writing blog, the second step is to look up the exact words, expressions and phrases as per requirement of the topic. The proper selection of components and words make the dish delicious and blog comprehensive.

  Pouring all ingredients  in a proper sequence and in an exact time need a great skill, that define what kind of cook you are. For writing blog, tenses, diction and proper syntactic structure rule, need so much attention and great proficiency, that define what sort of writer you are.

  Note: Excessive use of spices in the dish make it difficult to digest and severely affect to the digesting system. In the same way, the excessive use of difficult words or expressions in the blog make it hard to comprehend and affect injuriously to the nervous system.

    Expert opinion in this regards is highly appreciated.

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  • very interesting

  • Interesting comparison. I believe that anyone can be a good cooker and writer as well. Both of subjects requires love and dedication on it. :)

  • Dear Modaway,

    Lol, You found it strange that shows that you have never spent your time in kitchen, try it once, then you may come to know the facts :D

    Unfortunately, I am not good cook :( . However, you must give me credit that I just tried cooking twice or thrice, but I observed many technical points of cooking.

    Though you didn't like my blog, yet I am grateful to you for joining us and sharing expert opinions lol.
  • Ahmed bro,
    No, I wasn't :D
    Thank you so much for commenting and liking my my blog.
  • Dear Teacher welcome again,

    I have changed the form from expertise to expert. 

    You enjoyed the note at the end about excessive use of spices, I really feel delighted.

    Thank you once again for correcting blog, please keep correcting my blogs. I am so much happy to see corrections

  • Excellent work on the corrections! I'm impressed. 

    Note: "expertise" is a noun meaning expert skill or knowledge in a specific field 

    Can you change the word form of this word in your last sentence? Right now you have used it as an adjective.

  • Dear Mr. Bob,
    You know everything around us teaches something, but we need to extract it positively.
    Thank you for sharing your viewpoints here. You liked it, I feel honoured.
  • Dear K=kashif
    You know choice of dish shows how much you care for your family, similarly the choice of topic shows how much you pay respect to your readers and I really love and deeply respect my invisible readers
    Thank you for passing your valuable comments.
  • Interesting analogy. Thank you.
  • Dear reliance kh
    I like your comments which is usually different from others. You know commentators before you appreciated the comparison or similarities between cooking and writing, but you read the whole blog and found that by learning cooks, men would be able to help their wives. lol

    I am much happy that you liked it

    Thank you so much for paying your visit here

    PS Mr Saeed is my father name :)
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