Cooking vs Writing

    There are so many activities, we try to engage ourselves in, to spend our leisure time. One of the greatest activities, I have explored, is writing,which not only keeps our mind healthy, but also brings about educational growth, which plays a vital role in career building process.

    Whereas, some people prefer cooking to any other activities, to keep themselves busy in their free time. I had no idea that cooking is also a very creative job and great art unless I, myself, experienced it. Besides it, the women, who excel in cooking, rule at everyone's heart at home and enslave them easily by serving delicious dishes.

  So, let's analyze some important points of cooking in comparison with writing blog

    First, for cooking, the most difficult and challenging step is to choose the dish, which everyone at home enjoy having. Similarly, for writing blog, the most intensive and stressful stage is the choice of appropriate topic, which may attract more and more readers and enjoyable for all.

  When we, after so much cares, successfully select the dish to cook and topic to write. The second step is to buy the requisite ingredients of the dish as per recipe. Similarly, for writing blog, the second step is to look up the exact words, expressions and phrases as per requirement of the topic. The proper selection of components and words make the dish delicious and blog comprehensive.

  Pouring all ingredients  in a proper sequence and in an exact time need a great skill, that define what kind of cook you are. For writing blog, tenses, diction and proper syntactic structure rule, need so much attention and great proficiency, that define what sort of writer you are.

  Note: Excessive use of spices in the dish make it difficult to digest and severely affect to the digesting system. In the same way, the excessive use of difficult words or expressions in the blog make it hard to comprehend and affect injuriously to the nervous system.

    Expert opinion in this regards is highly appreciated.

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  • Dear Sewar,
    What a hilarious comments! I like your comparison :)
    Thank you so much for passing by and leaving titillating comments :)
  •      Well done, my friend. Really your topic attracted my soul to read your topic from the first word to the last one. My friend, sometimes, as women, we like to add some kinds of spices to our dishes to give them some of our souls and hearts. Like who write the blogs, he or she gives them a part of his or her soul and heart. And that is the key of being distinguishable whether in cooking or writing. But there is one different thing between cooking and writing which is; there is a funny blog but there isn't a funny cooking. Yes, there is a cooking which puts a smile on my face because, it titillates my stomach, but a funny blog puts a smile on my face because, it titillates my soul and my heart together and that is the top of funniest. God bless you my friend.      

  • Dear Banu,
    I am glad that you enjoyed it
    Thank you for passing your opinion.
  • nice blog and succesfull comparison, i really enjoyed :) 

  • Dear Amel,
    You're right. But if you keep patient more than requirement while cooking. Imagine, what will happen with your dish? It'll be burnt. :) So, don't forget one thing while writing and cooking, excess of anything is bad.

    Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your viewpoints.
  • you are right .both cooking and writing need a succesful and patience person .may the good cooker is the good writer.
  • Dear Nakshatra,
    You are absolutely right!
    For writing we use one hand while cooking we use both hands
    Thank you for adding interesting comments
  • Dear tawfeeq,
    Alhamdolillah! I am fine and you?
    You said you are good at eating and in the same time you don't like cooking. I think, you may rarely find anyone, who is bad at eating. So, there's nothing to be proud lol.

    Don't say me that you love writing and in the same time you don't like reading. It's because, without being a good reader, you can't be a good writer. As you are good writer. You must be good reader!

    Thank you so much for commenting and asking after.
  • What a great comment, Robbie! :)

    "Preparing a good meal comes with diligent planning. Going to the market and buying the right kind of goods are like thinking a useful topic to write backing up with creative imaginations to keep the content of the blog interesting." So nice!

    Thank you so much for taking out precious time and serving us a delicious comment.
  • Dear Gail,
    You have explained it so impressively. I love your comments. Thank you so much for leaving your wonderful comment.
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