Consequence of lying

Some people say, white lie. It does not hurt. Someone tells it to avoid hurting another person. I don't believe in that. A lie is a lie. Whether white or colored. God does not like dishonest or untruthful ones. In fact, lying is a bad habit. It shows insufficiency or decrease of the individuality. Cowardice or being afraid of something are one of its major merits. 

The previous production leads to the story of   that shepherd who used to lie to his village people.

Once upon a time a shepherd took his sheep to a pasture to eat the grass. While the sheep were eating the grass he felt bored. He said to himself, (why don't I have some fun. Let me play with those imbeciles). He shouted to the people of the village,

 (help! Help! The wolf is eating the sheep, the wolf is eating them).

hearing his shouts, the villagers ran to him quickly carrying their weapons to fight the wolf. To their surprise, they found nothing. The sheep ate the grass while the shepherd was laughing. They went back to the village. The next day, he repeated the same action.

(Help! Help! The wolf is eating the sheep) The villagers came to his rescue but this time he was smiling. No wolf or any other wild animal was there. This time, the villagers knew that, the boy was only lying and fooling them.

On the third day, three real wolves appeared  from the side of the mountains and the shepherd could not see them. Then, they approached the sheep and started to eat them one by one. Suddenly, the shepherd saw this and started to shout and ran towards the village,

 ( Help! Help! The wolf is eating the sheep. I 'm not lying, believe me). The villagers heard him but they thought that he was lying.  No one believed him. The wolves ate the sheep and then ran after the shepherd and grabbed him by his foot and cut the rest of his body till he was gone.

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  • khaili mamnoon Bahman! It's the new old story about the result of lying. The honest person does not lie.

  • thank you so much for sharing .

  • Mara tanya, shookrun lakum ya Amal. Thanks for your support Amal. and thanks for commenting on that blog.

  • I could not agree more with you, dear dara. Lie is lie even it is white or colored. we only need NOT to lie so that we live in peace.

    Have a great time!
  • Wah sahih hain Sarakhan. Ap sahih bola. I fully agree with what you have said. To cover or hide the truth leads to many destructions of innocent souls. Thanks for your comment on that blog.

  • yea lying is is a sin..n aalso if u becomea lier u wil lose all de story shows...whn u lie u re not only saying sm ting dat is not true....u re also hiding de truth...its so wrong on many leves..

  • Ni hao Rick, xie xie! I hope to be one of your friends. This is the problem with lying, you have to make another lie to back up the first one, as you said. Believe me, Rick, it won't hurt if we tell the truth all the time. Thank you for your comment on that blog.

  • Bahut shukriya! Thanks for your nice comment on that blog.

  • Amazing! I see the point of similarity on different cultures. I heard this story in my childhood, it is the same as the one you told in the post. Of course, it is Chinese version.

    Just as an old saying goes well, if you say a lie, you have to lie more to back your first lying.

  • nice story

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