Conflict Of Interest

Finally, season 3 of "The Penthouse" brings this drama to an end. The drama illustrates numerous trouble caused by conflict of interest, specifically at the workplace. The drama tells us how severe the aftermath of greediness and misuse of power or wealth are. Conflict of interest is a situation when an individual or a group becomes undependable because their personal interests intervene their professional decisions. Their personal interests make the decision is not credible. 

Of course, such a situation can have serious destructive consequences for organizations or even countries. Intensive training and monitoring are compulsory. Ensuring everything is auditable is a key to remain compliant. However, all those ways can merely reduce the possibility to be not compliant. No guarantee, because who knows what is in human's heart? Just like what I have seen in "The Penthouse".




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  • I'm still watching season 2 of "The penthouse". the stress level of every episode is so intense. lol

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  •           Unfortunately I didn’t see this series. I haven’t enough time for watching the television. Anyway, if everyone of us be a person of integrity, so, every decision we make and every action we take will be moral and ethical. Add to that, we will have a peaceful, a merciful and a remarkable place to live in. God bless you.

    • I am keeping up with "The World Of Marriage Couples" right now :) Hopefully, later I will share my thoughts about that.

      I like to share as I am honing my writing. God Bless You too :))

  • oh.. i am planning to watch it but too many conflicts... i don't want my head hurt.. hehehe 

    • Well, the drama comes with a distinctive storyline, not like other Korean drama in general. A myriad of gripping and thought-provoking scenes, but at the same time very engaging :)))

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