"Colorful Expressions"

"Colorful Expressions"

It’s now black and white that she never loved me. She is gone forever leaving me in blue. I have been in black mood all the time thinking about her. Last time I have had an argument with her, but I was in grey area about what she was up to.

I was looking at her red face.  I would never be a green eyed monster, if she has fallen in love with somebody else.   There would be no one more tickled pink than me if she really likes someone else.  I will pass with flying colors because I have seen the true colors

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  • hi dear. your topic about "Colorful Expressions" is fascinating too. take it up.

  • Meaning is not what you Start with... it's what you End with...
    So now Red seemed White.. & White.. Black...

    I read this dialogue in short film where they guy go to meet prostitute.. he meets her everyday... that time i came to know the meaning of colours.. Red is for red light area.. white for pure.. and black for nothing..

  • It's very interesting. Thx

  • You are welcome Prostomolotova Galina .  Thanks for the appreciation.

  • Wow! I like this method of learning idioms! Very creative and useful! I think I can use this interesting way to teach my students. Every week we can take any topic related to idioms, e. g. animal idioms, colour idioms, etc. and make up short funny stories. Of course, I see there will be many grammar mistakes but it will be fun and students will remember idioms as they will hear them in different stories. Thanks for the great idea!

  • Really a very useful blog!

  • That left me giggling and feeling in the pink.

  • Super colorful expressions blog, what a talent you showed yar! Well sharing.

  • Thanks Tara. This is a great encouragement for me!

  • I hope it's okay that I featured this blog post. I didn't wait for the green light. 

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