Every day I wake and I see you in my favorite white cup.

Every day I feel your yummy flavour that comes from my kitchen. 

When I wake up at 5-6 o`clock every morning, my eyes are still sleepy and my feet don`t want to go anywhere. And if only I go to the kitchen, switch on my electric kettle and open the coffee jar....mmmmmmmm... I feel you. 

When I sit in my chair surrounded by millions of emails, reports, tasks and telephones, I realise that now I need to have something really close and even intimate.  And it`s you, my precious. It`s COFFEE! 

When I meet with my friends and we have a lot of nice chats, I feel that a part of me is lost. And I know where to find it - in my nearest cafe with the best coffee in my city.

Coffee, I come to you every day and I don`t want to share you with sugar, milk, chocolate or cookies.

♥You`re mine and I`m yours. And this thing will last forever♥

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  • Ali, I totally agree with you )

  • May in the kitchen, thanks darling :)

  • Estanis, I understand you so much ! :) 

  • I have a love-hate relationship with it.
    I can't help having it many times a day but hope it doesn't hurt my heart.
  • :)))

  • Anah Siddiqui © , thanks a lot :) I wish I could taste it :)

  • hahaha :D cute blog honey :-* :D 

    I like coffee too, but I prefer Arabic Coffee more than any coffee. So I want to share with you my cup of hot Arabic Coffee along with a chocolate bar, I am sure you will like it try to taste it as well. :D


  • Hey, Bulbul. There are always exceptions in every theory and if you are here you`d see that I sleep well even after litre of coffee :D

    And as for the hidden matter, so it`s hidden :) Why should I show it here?:))))))) 

    Thanks for answering :)

  • Dear Honey Bee, Good evening, Thanks for giving  your wise view about coffee. i could not agree with you two points one is when you will go to bed, you take a one cup coffee then you will get a sound sleep, it is totally wrong theory, the caffeine is barrier of sleep. how to go you sound sleep? i do not know.  at last you told "You`re mine and I`m yours. And this thing will last forever"  i think that this line you sing for coffee. Coffee have no life , it could not hear your song. I think that you are trying to understand  here another thing. What is this hidden matter? pls comments. waiting for your wise full blog.   

  • Anele , I always drink coffee before I go to sleep. After that I sleep like a baby. And I don`t have any heart beatings :) Thanks for answering~)!

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