Climate Change ( World Pressing Issue)

Hello Guys!

It has been a while since I last posted a blog; I have been very busy getting adjusted with college life. You know, I am just a freshman student and I have to get used to all of the activities carried on, on campus.

As we all know right now Climate change is one of the world pressing issue that is affecting our lives and has drawn the intentions of scientists and experts around the world.It is a cause for concern and is caused by many things that people do around the world.

It is mainly cause by deforestation, burning of fossil fuel, wish lead to global warming and also the increase in greenhouse gasses.

As a Environmental Science student, I am very passionate in helping to stop some of these problems we are face with in our environment and the world at large.

Human is the major cause of climate change because of the increase in deforestation, the continue burning of fossil fuel etc. In other to stop climate change we need to accept the fact that we are the cause of our problem so that we can stop causing those problems.

I will appreciate if I get more idea from you guys on how to stop climate change. Please let me know of my grammatical errors.

Thanks All.

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  • thanks darling Noro

  • Thanks so much bob for your comment and correction @ Bob

  • Thank you for the blog Komala.

    I agree that climate change is one of the world's pressing issues and it has drawn the attention of scientists and experts around the world. It is a cause for concern and is caused by many things that people do around the world.

    I have put some words in bold type. You may wish to check and see which of these can be changed in your nice blog. Best wishes for the rest of your time at university. The world needs more educated passionate people.

  • Thanks so much Dr. Eng. Mohamed ElAdawy,  Stranger in the night, Malkeet for your comments i really appreciate them all. 

  • only way to stop change in planet, only to remove people from earth.

    1. people will remove everything from earth

    2. earth will remove all people

    no other options, no mercy. other words are just lie to ourselves and nonsense:)

    hard to admit, but look around yourself:)

  • Thanks so much setareh for your suggestion. I appreciate. Using electricity instead of fuels is going to be very good. because burning of fossil fuels is going to be at a low rate.

  • Dear Komala, we are going to replace using fules in cars with electricity and i hope it will happen soon. It would do so much good for our enviroment. using some disposable things is also a good solution.
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