The climate of the Earth is always changing. In the past, it has altered as a result of natural causes. Nowadays, however, the term" climate change" is generally used when referring to changes in our climate which have been identified since the early part of the twentieth century. The changes we've seen over recent years and those which are predicted to occur over the next 100 are thought by many to be largely a result of human behavior rather than due to natural changes in the atmosphere. And this is what is so significant about current climatic trends; never before has man played such a significant role in determining long- term weather patterns - we are entering the unknown and there is no precedent for might happen next.

The greenhouse effect is very important when we talk about climate change as it relates to the gases which keep the Earth warm. Although the greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon, it is believed that the effect would be intensified by human activity and the emission of gases into the atmosphere. There are many institutions around the world whose sole priority is to take action against these environmental problems. Green peace is the organization that is probably the most well-known. Fortunately, the use of renewable energy is generated from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat-which can be naturally replenished.

Walking or riding a bike instead of driving a car uses fewer fossil fuels which release carbon dioxide int the atmosphere. In addition, using products that are made from recycled paper, glass, metal, and plastic reduce carbon emissions because they use less energy to manufacture than products made from completely new materials.


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