Civil Wars and Terrorism

I felt to write this blog after I came across a blog written here by one member where he mentioned a pic of little girl putting her hand up in air when she see a journalist, thinking that journalist is a terrorist from Syria.

Now a days, I spend a lot of time on Twitter since that was easy for access to News of other countries. I follow a lot of Newspaper of US, Indian and GB. Getting updated to the news all around the world. 

When I read news everyday, that Romania, Saudi Arabia, US and many countries evacuated their people successfully, I used to feel happy, "Wow, this people are saved now." 

But then I came across a profile of a lady from Yemen. She was married to an Indian guy and had a little son. She was continously in touch with our Minister on twitter for rescue. I started following her for every tweet. She used to tag Ministers and Executives from Indian government and asking for help and Ministers and Executives were continously in contact with her too.

She was tweeting again and again, "Bombing is happening, my little child is not safe." "Bombing is happening, I can't make my child sleep, he is crying continously."

I used to feel bad for her. I wished her twice on tweeter and she thanked me. She even posted the Pic of her little child, he was handsome and just a years old. Very Cute.

Finally a day came, when I read her Tweet saying, "Yoohoo, We made it, Thanks to SushmaSwaraj, MEAIndia and Indian Govt. Thank you very much for saving life of MY child. Jai Hind." I felt extremely happy after reading that joyous tweet. She even mentioned that her she is received by her Indian Family.. But then,

I realized, there are a lot of people stuck with those animals. Countries like Yemen, Syria, Iraq are suffering a lot. In 21 days, Yemen lost more than 10000 people. We can imagine the number of little children and women. Well, what is the harm to these sick people from women and little children? They don't have hearts? Syria and Iraq has terrorists who fight for their religion whereas Yemen is suffering from Civil war. We cannot imagine the life those people are living. Waking up with a bomb strike or not sleeping with a fear of being bombarded is not an easy thing.

Some people say "They will have better life later." Really? I believe, they will have better life, only if they don't get killed either by terrorists or by army, since Army is fighting against those terrorists. 

I just pray God, to please have some mercy on innocent people, they should not get death like this. They are no harm to any religion or to any country.

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  • Evangelina

    I have a strong oppose for rapes, radicals and extremists who dont accept the change and are harm to each and everyone in society.
    I appreciate you praying for weak people. Keep doing that always. They are suffering the most in the countries that I mentioned above. Hope our prayers will bring better days for them and they will lead a better life like most of the developing countries.
  • Evangelina:- I understand those who understand others. Show me any country (of those whom you are favouring) where minorities are safe. I mean people are either not killed or are given rights to represent in their parliament. Or
    They are allowed to build either Churches in those countries or even Temples for Buddhas or other belief. Minorities are killed and their women are raped including little girls.
    Your points that you have shown are changed now. They no longer exist. Please check internet for updates and also share link with me. I am eager to know your views on both the things circumstances I have mentioned.
  • Dear Evangelina:- I think no formality needed for this kind of blogs. I didn't want to keep comments open either. Well, I don't appreciate something that is against animal or humanity. Can you let me know what was the second question you expected? Did I answer that rightly? Please let me know. Thank you
  • Dear Evangelina:- I think no formality needed for this kind of blogs. I didn't want to keep comments open either. Well, I don't appreciate something that is against animal or humanity. Can you let me know what was the second question you expected? Did I answer that rightly? Please let me know. Thank you
  • Evangelina,

    I do not come much here, sorry for taking so long to reply you. I am not smart enough to answer your questions, but since you asked me, I am answering them. they may sound illogical, so my apologize in advance.

    - Why are the goods so dissimilar distributed?

    Ans:- We all are the creations of same Creator. But he will not come to guide everyone of us. Whatever he wanted to teach us, he wrote in the oldest books that he gave us. But when the people started expanding, they got away from the actual knowledge and started building their own concept of God and belief according to their places and new beliefs were found and people changed accordingly. So those who went away from actual knowledge are termed as Evils who kill and destroy the creations of God. So they are dissimilar perhaps. 

    - Why is it always the undeveloped countries that suffer the most?

    Because of the lack of leadership probably. Lack of knowledge, Illiteracy and also radical belief. If you are not open for change (good change), you will suffer the most, I think so and hence a termed is found and that is called as undeveloped countries.

    - Why are the undeveloped countries mostly - NOT ALL - with Muslim population?

    Gulf is rich only because of Oil and gases and nothing else. They do not have THURST for change. No creativity is appreciated, No sports, No Cinema or Film Industries, NO Art is endorsed. You will never see any inventions from them. They are living only on the name of Oil and Gases. They do not have nature either, no forest, so how they will grow? They must appreciate creativity and it is forbidden probably in their belief. I can write more, but it will sound radical.

    ...when they are the biggest believers, so where has God gone? - Because I do believe he is there...

    If you celebrate festivals by sacrificing animals instead of sacrificing ego, wrong attitude, illiteracy, how come God will be happy and satisfied? God has created everyone including animals. just we have more logic and rational thoughts doesn't mean we are superior. You will find people with less brain or abnormal, so does that mean we should eat them as well? Perhaps NO.

    Do you think all this has roots/source in religion?

    Hmm..Somewhere yes. Countries that are suffering the most are below. Tell me what is the major belief there.

    1. Iraq

    2. Syria

    3. Afghanistan

    4. Lybia

    5. Pakistan

    6. Yemen

    I think list is more, but lets sum up here.

  • The stories like this happen every where in the world. In wars always innocent kids, women get hurt. I don't know why undeveloped countries are using the bombs produced by developed ones. Why? It seems that people's lives have no value. As dear Evangelina said every one is entitled to have their own opinions and let me add this point that until their opinions are not going to hurt any body.
    I don't think any religions approve of violent actions and killing innocent people. Religion must bring love and peace.
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