Christmas and 2020


Twenty-twenty is pushing hard. Christmas is only a few steps ahead. Merry Christmas to all our Christian friends all over the world  My daughter insisted to have a new dress and a gold necklace for Christmas. She wanted to celebrate with her Christian friend, Claudine. In Sudan, we have the day off for Christmas. If by chance it comes on Thursday that means we have a holiday of three days.     

My wife needed gold bracelets also for the same occasion and after that, for the New Year. I could not manage to buy them any gifts last year. I was sad and confused about what to do, but my wife suggested that I sell her belt. I did that.

Luckily, I am ready to buy them their needing. They say that; don’t be sad or worried about last year. It was past. Think about the New Year. Fatima told me that she wanted to make a plastic tree as a gift for her friend Sonia. Sonia is Claudine’s mother.

That means we are still two or three days ahead for Christmas. She told me that before the crowd, she wanted to be happy and share that happiness with Sonia and her family. She usually stays late at night on Christmas Eve. Eating, drinking, and listening to Christmas carols.


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  • Let bygones be bygones. The fashion of celebrating any occasion sometimes may turn into something beyond the reach. Whatever it goes through your mind with the open sky, you can only enjoy seeing it but touching with your hands.  

    • Donnobaad SM Rezwanul Islam!  I really agree with that my dear good friend. We can enjoy watching the full moon from far away. That is true, Rezwanul. Thanks for your comment.   

  • Happy New Year dara! Have a blessed celebration! 

    • malagayan pasco sa Glosky!  Happy New Year to the lovely lady.  Extend my regards and greetings  of the New to your family and friends .

    • Will do. Thank you. 

    • Walang anu man, Glosky! Welcome.

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020

    • Zang sinh vui ve, Dan Vi, I know it is late. You are indeed a great lady. I visited your website. Wow! It is great. You should let the other members of the club join you and some of them are creative like you. They can share some good designs too. Thanks for your comment and happy new year, too.,

  • Merry Christmas dear Dara.. My best wishes for you and your family members:))))

    • Lotù, Krismas kee badhaee! Thanks for your kind wishes. I hope you and your family are doing good. Thanks.

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