Chat holic

How  would you describe your  self  addicted  on line 

Do you rush  to your favourite chat  room at My EC  to rewind your selves  with your  friends ?

I am sure you do while  enjoying  your  self  with  care free banter, you may come  across  a minority of  chatters  who wish to be  rude  or think  they rule 

Never  keep away from the chat  room  due  to those who want  to make some  noise ! Make  use  of the IGNORE BUTTON. It is all made  easy  so make  the  best of it  and  enjoy your time  here at the moderated chat http:/

For  some time  I have observed  mainly good  friendship at  the chat developing  further  through voice chat through  skype

Do share  your experiences  with us ,  how useful  the  IGNORE  BUTTON  is  and the experiences  of acquiring English  in a fun way with no hassle 

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  • I like idea of ignore button. Sorry I only just saw your message.
  • Very good suggestions for chatters.
  • My dear Teacher,

    I wanna describe myself as a beautiful, young,lovely...girl....but I cannot...because I won't tell a lie (it's not my character) so when I "meet" someone, I introduce : 40 yearls old, 3 kids, the beauty is so so....And you know what's happen??? they run away...Poor me!

  • it must have been chataholic

  • Thanks, dear Nadira, for your post! I think the problem is comfortable communicating in chat - it's not a problem of the My English club. Although, maybe I'm wrong. I have no experience of dialogue in a chat here, but I see that everyone is trying to behave correctly. I see that it is an achievement of Mr. Josef Essberger. Yes, there is a joke, but the joke - this is normal. I think everyone has a sense of humor. But if someone is sad or sick, or if he was tired, yes, of course, ignore the button is very useful for him. Why not? A person has the right to be alone with himself. This button is like a closed door in the room for those who want to relax. :-) As for me, I do not use chat. :-)

  • Sweet  Eva
    Thank you for  dropping at my page and   sharing your  views  with us  ....I am happy  to note  most  do not have to use  the  ignore  button any more  ...this  should  be used only  if  circumstance at extreme arise ...
    This  was  one of my earlier posts  which I up dated  and hope fully  more new ones  will follow  ... enjoy  the chat  and  wish  you all the very best  ....:)

  • @Seeker 

    Thank you  for  visiting  this page and  leaving your trace ....I found your  comment very  positive I am happy  you do not need  the use of  the  ignore  button ... 

  • @Dara Gino 
    Sir  I appreciate your  kind comments  and by visiting  my page . thank you  . Would   further  like  to extend  a request  do join  the  chatters  on the mains I am sure  we can  all benefit knowledge  form your  good self ...Thank you once again .

  • @Elf  Noor 

    Thankyou for  visiting  my  page and sharing your  thoughts  ....the  ignore   button  is mainly should one needs  not want  to speak  to all members whom they do not know case  they trouble themselves  with the member   ...that  has  happened  in the past   where  individuals  get  bullied mainly random  members  who are not  active  on the chat ....

  • @Arif Saeed
    Thank you for your  kind  response  ...I may not agree with you  on  the ignore  button  as  it does  good in  keeping  the  trouble makers   bothering  ladies  or  gents  in private chatthere  have been  instance  where  people  (not the usual  chatters on the main , bother  individuals  ...)

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