Change yourself, change the world.

Well, the world is full of good and the world is full of bad. It is your eyes that see it one way or the other. Obviously the good is concealed and the bad is conspicuous, revealing what is hidden is the goal, for we are often too pessimistic about good in the world....agree?

Spreading good is always strenuous but the bad is easygoing... how unsatisfactory. Endeavor is needed to brighten the world but the darkness prevails by itself, it is just a matter of stopping the efforts to spread light, logical.....isn't it? Similarly, no striving for Illiteracy for you just need to halt the process of spreading knowledge. Cultivating the land is backbreaking, but just cease watering the land and the weeds start to grow automatically. So, it's the good that is demanding but the bad is effortless......justified?

For every inch of bad that fills this world none is responsible but we, keep reminding this to yourself that the bad is prevailing because I have done noting to spread the good. Besides, we are rather too cynical and judgmental about others, major cause of our frustrations. We seek pleasure in pointing at other's defects forgetting we are also full of one is perfect, Right? Keep this in mind that while pointing one finger at others our three fingers are pointing at us. Lord has given us two eyes; one is to see the goods in others and the other is to see our own flaws. Our aim should be to opt the goods that others have and to get rid of the bad that we possess...... easy?

If we try to look at the world in such ways then we will realize that this world is a far better place than our imaginations. Moreover, we will discover that nothing was as bad as our own inner dirt.

Let me put myself in the court first and ask myself; Have I played my hand in making this world a better place, full of goods? Do I ignore myself while pointing at other's flaws, Am I aware of mine? To perfect myself have I put an effort which is at least as equal to what I put in humiliating others for their flaws? Where do I think the bad is? Inside me or inside others?

         You can make this world a heaven or you can convert it into a living hell, all by yourself.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to opine.


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  • @Rosemary

    Yup, I agree with most of your thoughts but the domination of the evil has to be suppressed by good, and spreading good is no ones task but ours. Mistakes are in human instinct, we do it inadvertently but the repetition of a mistake defines an idiot....right?

    Staying away from sins is obligatory and this is where the real battle is, and we should take it seriously.

    Thanks for your valuable thoughts.
  • Ohh.... come on rys, I mean really? I have stated to feel a little embarrassed after your latest reply.
  • Oi Nomi,

        Commenting your blog I did not intend to gag you nor was it my intention to annoy you, not to mention elevate myself over you.

       If in anyway such feelings have been evoked by my comments, I am sorry, that was not my intention.

  • Oi rysperski

    I have made up my mind; I can't beat you in arguments :D
  • Oi Nomi,

        But of course, making those "lovely bubbles" is a  spycological urge deeply imbedded in the species called homo sapiens. The younger is the member of that particular species, the fancier are the "bubbles".

      With passing time and seeing how our planet is being devasted and how our own species are so willing to get rid of their own brethrens , those "bubbles" become the foam of anguish and remose, much resembling of the symptoms of rabies.

  • @shekhar

    Yes, rightly said; Impossible itself says 'I'm possible' it's just your attitude that matters. Obviously you have to strive hard to make it possible, Bees have to move their wings very fast to stay still...right?
  • Nomi,
    Thank you.
    Yea exactly, We should correct them in a systematic and friendly way. Yes, Charity begins at home. In order to get few changes we need to compromise something, that is life. But compromise always in all is not fine. A stone must bear the strikes by a sculpture to become a beautiful statue. It is not exactly losing it tends to be moulding to get into required shape. Sound bitter but have to swallow and welcome some sort of changes. Nothing is “impossible” and but can say “ I’m possible ” though it is an uphill task have chances with a team effort.

  • @ELF-Noor

    Thanks for your approval. I appreciate your patience in reading my blogs and always giving your feedback.
  • @rys, oi there

    Your criticism is such a valid one, well - grounded in all aspects. I loved reading your comments more than anyone else's.

    But don't you think it is worth enjoying these soap bubbles for a while rather than just ceding yourself to the weird world. These bubbles might be an inspiration for someone, who knows they might work wonders for others; a drop of ink may make a million think,  they say.

    I would be harsh calling you a pessimist for you seem to be a realist but it feels like your are someone who has lost hope. Come on big fella bring some optimism to your life.

    And to say the least, Don't bother about me,  I'm impervious to such rantings :D I will keep on writing such stuff for I believe in the value of words.
  • Yes, agree with you.

    Our thoughts make this world good or bad, our thoughts can make other bad or good.. Everyone have good and bad side both. We should accept other as they are..Our life will be easy if we stop pointing out other's flaws.

    Nice blog..
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