Challenge#1 Chit chat at the Chat

Hi freinds

The chat room is the hub of activity where  members  meet as strangers  and then become good online friends.

Sometimes as the mood flow , it is interesting casual chats ,  some times serious topics

Do share with us  experiences at the chat  room . Be it  a funny one

An acquaintance leading to  good friendship 


A topic  which has  given you more understanding , through English


You  may connect  to this link after you have written your blog on your experiences of


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  • @Anele

    It is lovely to seeyou back and also meeting up with old freinds which  is a fantastic  experience

    Thank you Anele for your trace , really appreciate:)


  • @A Cold  soul

    Your  very correct  Coldy  Freinds  her e  at EC  are much more real than  real life .

    I started chit  chatting few  weeks  after  I became  a memer  at My EC. in December 2009
    I did not know  the  cha t room existed , ehehheh stumble  errors  of a toddler  ;)  kidding

    Once I found my set of frends  it was non stop and  I have  one lasting friend  from  that set of  friends.   Mommy (Muge)   from Turkey Sadly she is no  more at EC due to work


    Exactly  Coldy  we are able  to get  to know  people  with no  barriers  attached;  thus changing  our views  of  countries  and  the people  who live  there


    Thank you for  your time  Cold soul(do you know  what  I prefer to call you Coldy  rather  put a soul to it ;)  


  • Dear Nadira, this is what I wrote:
  • Dear Nadira, I can see your blog now. Thanks a lot. I'll give my experience too..
  • I'm not in chat room much.because I am busy with my work.but it is really enjoyable.
  • @harry

    Whole heatedly  i agree with you , our online  friends  are  precious and  loved  like  real friends  .

  • @Nadiyah  y

    Yes  dear  we  build  a strong  bondage  and  being  able to adjust  too to custom and culture

    thank you  Nadi


  • Estimada Nadira.

    Saludos a la distancia.

    Que este correo te encuentre con excelente bienestar.

    Gracias por la felicitacion.

    Un saludo.

    Homero Chamba.

  • Dear Nadira, here it is. You asked for it :)

    Mwah Nadira, happy reading hehe..


  • Hi dear Nadira,


    Thanks so much for the nice topic. Here is the gist of my experiences.


    Have a nice time


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