Challenge#1 Chit chat at the Chat

Hi freinds

The chat room is the hub of activity where  members  meet as strangers  and then become good online friends.

Sometimes as the mood flow , it is interesting casual chats ,  some times serious topics

Do share with us  experiences at the chat  room . Be it  a funny one

An acquaintance leading to  good friendship 


A topic  which has  given you more understanding , through English


You  may connect  to this link after you have written your blog on your experiences of


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  • Hi, Nadira

    I finally could write for this challenge. Here, my blog post

  • I'm still new here. Once I met good girls and I enjoyed talking to them. I don't have much experience so I may talk about it later. =)

    Hope to meet lots of good friends here. 

  • Thanks Nadira for your topic,  Here is my point view of this whole thing. Regards Night
  • Thank you Nadria,

    I think I am going to try the chat room ,since I have  never done.


  • Thanks Nadira,

    Always you hit important topics that affect My EC society.

    Thanks dear.

    I will write mine soon Inshallah.

  • Thank you Nadira. Sure and I do that.
  • @Rajesh

    Thank you for voicing your  inner thoughts  about some incidents  at the chat .  This  does not mean you have to keep away from the  room because of few rotten apples. 

    Ignore  the people  who irritate you and  converse  with  those  whom you wish to :)

  • @Expector Smith

    Indeed it is  Doctor a  perfect  place to practise speech . It all depends  on the  members  to make the best use of it 


    I ma happy you  found it in the positive  , yes  it dependes on the  circle of freinds  we cha t with  Ann 

    Thank you for giving us your views:)


    Yes  whole heartredly Cedric  It is the ideal get away  to relax  after a hard  days  work where  ever we may be

    Yes  i understand  releasing  emotions  , yet it should be with  respect to the other as  one  should keep in mind  there  are  people  out  there  who come  in to have a pleasant  time :  thank you  Ced for taking time to answer :)



  • @Saif Khan 

    Yes it is a nice way of saying it  about your door ;)

  • @Lucia Ryan

    It was  interesting reading some of your chat experiences  and  the humor  going to it .Yes Lucia  correct  our online friends  are very much  real and it would be  an added bonus to see them  in real life

    Thank you dear  for your trace on this chat challenge


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