Can you take criticism?

Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Well, I hope we all can agree on this. Anyway, what do you think: "How to face criticism without being hurt? Is it possible?" We can say without doubt that criticism activates our emotions. It is pretty individual because some people feel sad or useless, others pretend they don't care etc. I think that the way we percieve it also goes hand in hand with our self-esteem. People with low self-confidence might get totally destroyed by one negative sentence, whereas those with too bit ego won't make a buzz about some negative words, might laugh at them and forget it all in few minutes.

In my opinion criticism should force us to think. Of course, it depends on, who is the critic. If a person we disagree with, then it will just turn into the conflict. However, parents or older respected people are wiser, more experienced and their criticism is a way different. We somehow feel, they mean it in a good way, no matter if we agree or disagree with them.

As for criticism and work, it is a special chapter itself :-) Not every boss is an angel, however if we are criticized over and over again, the boss sees just the negatives, never praises us, in this case we either will collapse, or will get used to it and won't take it so seriously, or we will leave. If a boss knows, how to talk with their employees, is able to do both – criticize them (however not in a way to make stupid idiots of them in front of others) but also praise them, in this case such boss isn't angel but "God" :-D

What about our friends or partners? Do they criticize us or do they better stay aside? I would say that you can recognize people, who care very easily. They won't just flatter you but they will also sincerely tell you, what they don't like in you. We all react differently and reactions on the criticism are various from being offended, start crying or admit that the second one is right and learn from it. Depends on, how mature we are, how open-minded we are and what attitude towards life and others we have.

To sum it up, I don't think there is a recipe, how to deal with the criticism. In fact, you won't ever be loved by everybody and there will be always people, who will criticize you, however it is about your own attitude, own perception and state of mind, which is able to make conclusions such as what is right and what is wrong, what is worth thinking and what is not...

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  • The Coal mine is full of dust and black, yet human being dig deep into  and search for Diamond.

    Shine like Diamond…

    The  Ocean is full of blue and deep , yet  human being drive into and search for Pearl.

    Bright  like Pearl…

  • Equipped with feelings and a heart not made of stone, we tend to get hurt when someone criticizes us, but being....

    -girdled by education and virtues, we can handle criticism with professionalism.

    -armed with sensibility and rationality, we know what to do when criticism exceeds its limitation.

    -trained by poise and calmness, we behave with dignity amidst criticism.

    But let us do remember that our behavior towards criticism (the way we react, the way we but in) shows how we are reared up by our parents.  Without criticism, how well will we know the true colors and the real personality/character of other people?

    I love the quote you posted.  And I like the whole blog itself.  Way to go, Luci!

  • Mohammad, thank you for stopping by and leaving your nice, wise comment. I like your points and I can say that not so many people are able to follow them and that is why they get into the conflicts or fights with the oposer. Not all people are fair, not all people are able to see the life through our eyes and feel it like we do and that is why maybe such problems might appear.

    noona, firstly thank you for your comment. Those who care are usually the most beneficial critics and I think we should think about their advice :-) no matter how much it hurts at the moment but later when the pain is gone.. we are able to think with the clear mind, right?

  • Mishaikh, thanx for your comment and haha.. would like to see your mysterious face meanwhile being criticized :-D

    Ehab.. haha.. yeah but we also have brain where something might get stuck and then it is a problem :-D however, I wish I could just let it go like you said..

    Evangelina.. dear, I am really so happy and honoured ... you liked my this blog!!! Thanx for your comment full of wisdom, I can't more agree with you ;-)

    Gerardo, ehm... good you came back and your points are also mine.. we should think if the criticism was worth thinking or not and if it was worth spending our time on it.. thanx for your comment :-)

  • Expector, thank you for your comment and I am happy you liked this topic. I do agree that everything is about the way we are able to criticize somebody and show them some negatives. Thanx for stopping by and leaving your comment :-)

    Vision, nice quotation and I do agree with it, will try to remember it! Thanx!

    Nangfa, thanx for your comment and yeah.. like I said.. depends on if it is worth it our attention or not because to deal with something we disagree and feel like it was unfair is waste of time..

  • It was nice blog dear Luci.

       I think, the criticism should be done when, an strong reason would be existed (behind the bad action) to be able to prove the badness of action wanted to be criticized. That reason as an criterion, can be originated from sciences, rules, logic, or wises' famous quotations. But if we want to criticize on the base of our tastes or a thought which we think it is correct without any reason; this kinda criticism might make others sad. Also I think the following points, would be useful for better criticizing.

    1-  We must criticize in a so respectful way as much as possible.

    2-  The 'fair' must be considered as a main principle in our criticism.

    3-  After criticizing, it is better to submit a good proposal (action, point) as the replacement.

    4-  We must say the reason in addition to the criticism and the rules which the reason has been originated from them must be accepted by both sides.          

  • Hello Luci, I´m back, being criticized hasn´t been easy, but whether you like it or not, it´s a part of life, you can´t avoid it.

    When I´ve been criticized, I think who are doing it:

    Is he/she right? Do I really care what he/she thinks about me? What can I do about it?

    As you see I consider myself a pragmatic man, I´ve learned in my life that whatever I do, whatever I think there will always be someone criticizing me.

    Thanks for your blog, have a nice day my friend 

  • We have two ears one to hear what we want and the other to leave what we don't like to hear 

  • I never argue when I am critcized. I mostly smile and keep quiet.

  • Everyone in this world is criticized. Let them be, let them do if our story can make them happy. I don't care much if I am sure I haven't done any thing wrong.

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