Can you find the answer?


1. Who has no mouth but can answer in all languages?
2. What gets wet when it dries off?
3. The more food it gets, the hungrier it gets. But if it is feed-up, it must die.
4. Who owns a house, but can never have guests inside.

Can you find the answer?

Good luck!


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Rose Iris

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  •      My friend well done, with your nice questions you shook our minds. Thanks a lot for that. Actually from time to time we need to energize them with such puzzles. Otherwise they turn into a piece of junk. God bless you.  

    • Thanks for your comment, sewar.

      In the "old days" here, we had many different challenges.


  • 1. siri



    • First of all, dear Emma, thanks for trying to solve these riddles.

      Unfortunately, your answers are wrong.

      Look at these: 

      1 - It is the echo.

      2- It's The towel.

      3- It's the fire

      4- It's the snail


      If you scroll down, you can see Rys' correct answers.

  • thank you so much on constantly refreshing this site with fun and interesting blogs and discussions.. If admin know about your contribution, they should pay to keep you here.. ;)  

    really, i am always glad to see you posted something new..


    • You are so kind, Bossona. 

      Thanks for your nice words towards me. 

  • Oh...oh....

  • 1. Google
    4. Burial

    • Dear bet, Rys and Bossona have already given the correct answers.

      I am sorry, your try is wrong. Thanks for your participation.

  • Bossona & Rys, You got talent!!

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