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Can I Go on a Morning Dune Drive with a 1 Year Old?

Taking your child on a dune drive can be risky.I’ll first introduce you to activities done in a typical desert safari.These activities include thrilling rides such as dune bashing which involves the use of a Hummer or a 4x4 Land Cruiser. This is where you enjoy an exhilarating 45-minute session of dune bashing while looking for the highest dune to take a stop and capture beautiful moments.If you take your 1-year-old child on this ride, then you are inviting various threats to your child’s health.For instance,Dune bashing can go wrong and the car would topple over and cause casualties to everyone in it.Or,If you’re riding in a Land Cruiser with the windows open, your child will inhale the dangerous sand particles. This will trigger breathing problems in your child and might become dangerous in the future.Exposure to a large amount of sand in a child’s eye can cause him/her to temporarily go blind as well.Furthermore, the sand will cause the child to constantly rub his eyes, which will make the eyes puffy and red.Think before you act!


Risks regarding Quad Biking

While riding on a quad bike with your child on your lap, you expose him to the risk of falling over during any up and down that comes in your path. The fall would potentially damage your child’s brain or cause involuntary muscle spasm.Something you should be aware of; If your actions lead to any injury or harm to you or your family members, then the management, hosts,or even guides will not be held responsible for your mistake.You are solely responsible for your actions.Hummer Desert Safari is for adults and children above 5 years of age, it’s not something a small child can endure.

Hot Weather

Young children are very sensitive to hot temperatures, especially when you take them on a Morning Dune Drive in the Desert.A child’s skin burns much more easily than adult skin, so taking care in the sun is important to prevent sunburn.If you do take your child on a Morning Dune drive then forget about taking rides like dune bashing, quad biking, Sandboarding, or even camel riding. Your main focus will be diverted to the care of your child.You must keep in mind that UV radiation from the sun will harm your child So,Try to keep your child under as much shade as possible. This does not mean the radiation won’t reach you in the shade.Make sure you and your baby wear protective clothing, and a broad-brimmed hat.On another note,It is completely safe to apply sunscreen on your child’s body if he/she is above the age of 8 months.There are more risks than benefits of taking your 1-year old on a morning dune drive.So, to conclude it is permissible to say that 1-year old kids should not be put under any kind of stresssuch that it causes them long-term harm.

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  • If parents take a 1-year-child to such a ride, they act recklessness and irresponsibly, at least in my opinion.

    Sudden strong shocks can break the neck of such a little child.

    I wonder why that question has to come up at all.

    There is nothing to explain about the risks of such a ride because they are clear.

    Any normal-thinking adult does not even think about any possibility of such a ride.

    I am sorry, but I have to say it so harshly even if it might sound impolite.

  • Informative blog post. I did not know the all

    risks that you have mentioned here. I just avoid desert safary as I am a very scared person. So, thanks for sharing.

  • I don't think any sane parents do so.  Anyway in the countries/cities with immense pollution children are exposed to such threats   I remember once, in Karachi, I used to travel in public busses from/to my job place.  When I reached back home, my eyes used to burn, and while cleaning my nose it saw the black mucus.  Why? Because on way back home the bus used to stick in a heavy traffic jam and all the vehicles exmiting black smoke.  There was no option to avoid.  I also saw trees covered with black soots.

This reply was deleted.