Can I Find You?

We all have had that experience where in life we are drifted aimlessly by the force of circumstances that hours turn into days, days turn into seasons and seasons turn into “Holy crap! I forgot to fulfill my resolutions!

Everybody is busy having a given-life. During our daily routine, we simply answer by “I am fine.” when we are asked “How are you?” But in reality, we hide the fact; the bitter fact that most of us being unhappy. Another fact of this question is that nobody actually cares about how you are doing. It’s just for the sake of formality to ask “How are you?” and expect the “I am fine.” reply. Please do not spoil this idle loop by answering “I am NOT fine.” As I said nobody cares! hahahahah

Some days ago, I was talking with a relative of mine who is expecting a baby soon. She said “The birth is soon, I am expecting him in April.” I replied in a little bit surprise, “April? There is still more than a month!I must have sounded stupid by saying this, because it was almost the end of March and I thought it was still February!

Why do this happen? Why cannot I chase the time? I beat my brains out long hours to find an answer, and I did find one! I came to the conclusion that my brain automatically deletes bad memories from my life as if they never happen. When this happens, the times I have them is gone, too! Trust me; I am damn serious about this.

Science says that during our evolution history, our primates evolved to keep bad memories more than good memories so that they could protect themselves from danger. I believe my ancestors who gave me their genes evolved inversely. I so easily forget bad memories. I keep good memories, but where the heck the bad memories go! Come on! I need them! I need them to fight with the people who give me them!

It seems that it’s been quite a long time since the last time I visited here. I think I gave my excuse for not being able to follow the time. Believe this and drop me your hints of being a scheduled-person whose day-to-day is tied to a program and remembers all.

If I am not here and asking about you, it doesn’t mean I am neglecting you. Somehow, I feel like we are together and we still stick around each other. It feels good to know you have great friends on MyEC. If I am back, who is there with me? 

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  • I am here too :) For now.

    I think I can relate, I can't feel the real worth of time it just flies , what am doing and how I spent it it does not seem to register in my mind and then suddenly years basses and BOOM kids are grown up  and you are like what??? When this happened ??!!

    Well done Yosa a great blog and your language is superb I had to look up words several times kekeke

  • I am not good at reading people's minds but words can sometimes be inconsistent that would help us give some hints or make us detect that something is wrong.

    Your comment for me and for Setareh don't jibe.  I hope that everything's okay at your end.  It's kind of uttering words opposite to what your heart really wants to say.  



  • @noaslpls,

    Life thought me that everybody has hard times and bad memories they don’t want to remember. Smiling is the key to be happy and to make others happy. Else, we don’t have any other way to fight problems. Maybe, I am lucky to delete bad memories. :))) I am glad to store good memories up, like an encouraging comment from a friend. Thank you. ^^

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    noaslpls's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • @setareh

    You have a point! hahahha:)) I am angry at someone, or let’s say I am deprived of a good friend now, whom I used to be close a little while back, and maybe it passed through to my writing.

    I am happy you enjoyed it. Thank you. ^^

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    setareh's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • @ Lady Anne,

    Girl, Come on!! What happened to you? Were you infected by Nida when I was away? Did she get successful at poisoning you finally? Nothing is wrong with me and with what I have written. This is just an objective writing from an exceedingly smart person.

    What do you have in your mind? Why do you think I wrote this, hu? It has nothing to do with real friends who care about each other. Another truth is that EC is a home for caring friends. People who come here are naturally elected; they have some qualities like being sincere and modest friends. (Not Nida, she is out of this classification.) hahahah

    BTW, what happened to my 10-friends-who-missed-me list? 

  • @Evangelina,

    What a heartening and encouraging comment that is! Thank you! In fact, I am maybe going through some hard times like anybody else but these are just little obstacles we face in life, they cannot let me down. Life goes on without me or with me. What matters is to embrace the beauty tightly and to love it. But lately, I've just realized time flies and it doesn’t wait for me at all. Years started to flow like a stream; or maybe this is a sign of becoming an adult (not old, adult) hahaha. We can ask Nida if this is true since she is extremely old, she is even taking her last, few breaths. :DDD

    Hope to see you around always… Take care. :) 

  • @Syubi,

    Syu, I must take a screen-shot to make you keep your promise. Will I see you here often? Or do you plan to get lost again? Never dare to!! 

  • @Nida,

    Nido... Nido... Girl, why are you the only person who never understands, hu? First, explain me this! Have you ever looked in the mirror and enforced yourself to do self-criticism? It’s a good way to improve yourself as psychologists are all of one mind regarding it as healthy and necessary for learning.

    My blog is quite understandable for everybody. But, sorry I forgot to make it simple for brainless people like you. Next time remind me this. Lol :D

    Look, you even made anonymous get shocked with your excessive stupidity and disproportional, one gram brain.

    BTW, stop ruining my meaningful title!! I am obviously not here to find you! >_< Do not throw mud at what you don’t understand! I am not going to simplify it for an oldie like you!! >_<

  • @anonymous,

    It’s a great surprise to find you here and to get your very warm welcome message. You made me really happy and you proved that your friendship is the same with having a brother. Thank you sooooo much! And now I know that you will watch my back against my enemies here. These enemies (e.g. Nido) must be shown that they cannot act the way they want. I read the lines you fought Nida with full of tears in my eyes. :DDDD

    Always happy to have you! Thank you. ^^

  • @Coldy,

    Thank you dear ^^ I knew I would find you when I come back. I admire your energy you spend for your friends. Though, I see that some friends are not around; especially in the chatroom.

    We all change. If there is no change it means we are dead. :))) I believe I have changed during this time, but in depth I am still the same person. If you think my change is in a bad direction, don’t hesitate to warn me. hahahah :DD

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