But, if you are self-learning at home




My dear diary,

My teacher said that if I want to improve my fluency in speaking,

I should use new vocabulary, which was learned recently, by writing or speaking.

Whatever it would be. But, if you are self-learning at home and not having tutors or friends.

How to do speaking practice? I asked. She told me that I could talk to myself and read aloud or

do writing practice. At least it would be a diary. That's the reason I am writing to you.

By the way, If EC members have any different opinions,

I will be happy to learn their thoughts to help those who study alone.

Thank you.

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  • Hi again

    I noticed that the links below are not working. So I am uploading them gain.

    I hope it works, if not, please let me know to help you.

    English Speaking Success

    English with Lucy

    English tv

    Learn English with TV series

     Learn English with Gill

    and www.Grammarly.com

    and also check BBC and VOA youtube channels or Learn English Through Story

  • Ciao, I have got the same problem. I train by repeating phrases from You Tube videos and hear the exact pronunciation on Google Translate but it is actually difficult.

    • By the way, 

      for the pronunciation 

      Rachel's English

      Plus, I do a lot of "Listening" actively and passively by podcasts all day long and 

      "Reading" via Kindel before sleeping.

      Oh, I am a member of a kind of class to make shadowing and out loud the sentences and also speaking practice with a tutor.

      Woow too much effort, isn't it? :)

    • Hello Angelo, 

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing a common problem with us.

      I agree with you. It's difficult to catch phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions especially while watching TV series.

      What I do, I use oxford advanced dictionary to learn especially collocation and so on, Youtube for IELT, grammar issues, etc...take notes on different subjects.. go back to review....but the most important thing is to be exposed to English.

      Writing English is the manner to organize our brain, I use Grammarly to get help. I try to write as much as I can..but when coming to Spoken English;

      In my opinion, English requires watching "Everyday English with the subtitle" on youtube.

      I follow these youtube channels:

      English Speaking Success

      English with Lucy

      English tv

      English Tivi

      Another studying form of English Tivi


      and also check BBC and VOA youtube channels or Learn English Through Story

      I hope to be useful, good luck

  • I am an English Teacher so I have experience in teaching English. I agree that you use daily idiom and conversation so you could reach Advanced Level. That is my opinion.

    • Hello Rina,

      I am very glad to see English teachers here and also it is nice to meet you.

      Thank you for sharing your ideas. I will greatly follow the instructions written by you all. Have you ever specifically a way of practicing them? If you have, tell us, please...

      Cheers ! Happy New Year.

  • Writing helps reinforce what you have learned.  It is one way to take something in short term memory and move it to long term memory.

    So that will help you remember the words you are studying.  Don't simply write the word but use the word in context - write a sentence.  So write the word and then write a sentence using the word.  You coud also draw a picture of the word or representing the word.  All of that helps lock in the word.  

    For speaking fluency, knowing the correct word instead of having to think about "what is the word" helps fluency.  Many students hesitate speaking as they think of the word which impacts their fluency.  

    To practice speaking you may be able to find a group of other learners where you work or live and practice together.  Or as many do,  use online speaking forums such as Skype or WeChat.  But I do agree with the teacher that speaking to yourself is also useful.

    • Dear Tim,

      Thank you for your priceless advice and for taking the time to be here,

      Your message put me in high spirit, which is fully informative and guidance. 

      Apart from being a dedicated learner, if you are not in the natural environment or not to have your real story, speaking with others will be remarkably complex, because you feel unnatural standing. When you find an article about intellectual issues, you miss the point of everyday spoken English. That's the paradox for me.

      All in all, writing is part and parcel of this process that prepares your brain to speak but at the same time, I am aware of the differences between written English and spoken English. Yes, I am on a critical threshold and want to jump the fence :)

      What kind of forum is there in Skype ? or WeChat ? Could you please send me a link, please?

      By the way, thank you teacher you encouraged me to try my wings out. Writing to you is a good opportunity for me to use new vocabulary having worked on recently.

      Nice to meet you and gratitude for the meaningful contribution.

      Happy New Year.

    • I mentioned Skype and WeChat as options for speaking.  Both require that you find contacts with whom to speak.

      I understand My EC has several groups where contact information is exchanged for Skype.

      WeChat is probably used mostly by Chinese.  Like Skype it allows people to call each other either using video or just audio.  


    • Thank you for the information Teacher Tim,

      Take care,


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