Broken English

This is a fragment of chat between me and a Turkish guy.


Him : See you.

Me   : See you. Bye.

Him : Why bye? Can see you again pls?

Me   : ??@#$%&!!

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  • @Estanis

    I hope so! But, to be honest, I have no idea, as I removed him not long after that chat. I just could not do it. Too difficult and annoying. Those symbols mean I just realized what he meant and got upset. :D

    Thank you. Glad if you like this pic.

  • Well, I guess after more than four years he improved his English to 'see you' right? Anyway I wonder what "??@#$%&!!" means, you could have translated it :D

    Btw, cool pic of yours ;)
  • @Arisha You're right, Arisha. :D

  • It's really funny...actually he wanted to see you again:)
  • @Williams
    Yeah! You got it. |D
  • @Williams
    Hahaha... This Turkish guy did not know how to speak English. He actually meant to say "I want to see you" but instead he said, "See you". Of course I thought he was saying good bye.
  • @U Shaikh - He wanted to see my cam again.

  • I do not understand 

  • I know! lol

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