Power Of COLORS (Logo's Colors)

Have you ever thought about Brand Logo's color? Why are some Logo's color RED and some BLUE?  Have you ever thought the Power of Colors? Why do always Food Logos include sharp colors? Why do electronic device logos always have soft colors?

You know every color of brand's Logo has reason with different perspective.. Basically Colors Effects on Human Emotions Directly... Every thing has a specific Logo but we don't notice it.. Unintentionally, we are always influenced by Logo type... Logo Color... 

In this Blog, I am gonna tell you about reason/meaning Of colors used in Brand's logo.. I hope, you will like it..

Basic Colors used in Brands Are

  • Yellow (Logical. Optimistic. Progressive. Confident. Playful. Creative.)
  • Orange (Happy. Energetic. Sociable. Friendly. Affordable. Enthusiastic. Sunny.)
  • Red ( Bold. Passion. Strength. Attention. Love. Exciting. Action. Aggressive.)
  • Purple (Royalty. Mystery. Pomp. Ceremony. Creative. Unique. Majesty.)
  • Blue (Trusted. Conservative. Staid. Dependable. Honesty. Calm. Secure. Cool.)
  • Green (Nature. Wealth. Fresh. Life. Harmony. Environment. Growth. New.)
  • Gray/Black (Sophisticated. Luxurious. Formality. Style. Elegance. Expensive. Authoritative.)
  • Multi-Colored: ( Fun. Easy-going. Child-like. Internet. Multi-disciplinary. Authority.)

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  • Interesting blog

    My favorite color is Green. 

    Thanks for sharing.

  • #Zoe:

    That's nice, light blue is very soft color.. ^_^


    OMG, how interestingly you have describe your favorite colors.. I liked the way you have told about your favorite colors.. ^_^

    keep smile dear..

    Zoe's Page
    Zoe's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • #Dear Adaline Bala:

    I also Noticed that, Mostly Boy kid pick blue and Girl kid pick pink, BUT with time there choice change...

    thanks for lovely words,,,, I really appreciate it..

    #Risty Aven:

    WOW, you have many fav. Colors.. yup, there is not Doubt that you are a cool person...:P

    If ADaline's students get know that a girl (Risty's) fav. color is Blue then they will must laugh on you, hey blue is the color of boys you are girl.. bla bla.. :D:D

    just kidding..

    glad to know about your fav. color...

    stay happy dear..

    Adaline Bala's Page
    Adaline Bala's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • #Respected Mishaikh:

    Glad to know your Fav. color.. ^_^

    #Just Learner:

    I have shared all basic color used in Logo's.. ^_^

    Lemme tell you about white color also..

    white.jpgI don't have idea, hove much it is true...^-^

    thanks for your precious time..

    Mishaikh's Page
    Mishaikh's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • #Respected Danny:

    agree with you, thanks for new information..

    yup, we like different colors with respect to different things.. like we like one color in dressing but we like other color in cars then we like third color in painting that's why all colors is very important..

    Its means, you also can't tell one color you like most in all colors.. then You are also multicolored Person.. :P :P 

    thanks for nice comment... :)

    Danny Clark's Page
    Danny Clark's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • #Dear Evangelina:

    I really like to Present Blog in unique way.. :P

    what you have said in your comment is True.. we usually ignore many thing in our daily life...

    stay blessed and stay happy :))

    #Sweet Onee-chan:

    Glad to know, you are multicolored person..:P I am also confused which one color I like most but actually I like many colors that's why like you I am also ^_^

    Stay sweet as you are.. :P

  • Dearest , Cool Teacher Tanya:

    Agree with you, different colors effect different zone of our mind.. you hate green but I like green color..;)

    this is also true, nobody can understand us more then our-self.. ^_^

    I am feeling honor to have comment from you.. Thanks for being here..

    Tanya's Page
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  • #Shadow:

    this good, I got new knowledge from my Blog.. ^_^

    stay blessed..

    #DEar Luci:

    LOL, okay Barbie Girl..Don't try to be cute.. :D

    yeah this is True, some colors make us Calm, but you know,I like fresh colors .. 

    Shadow's Page
    Shadow's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • Dear Elf,

    Very interesting and creative post! I like it very much.

    I'm also multicolored person.Blue and White make me calm and pure mind.I like purple,Black and orange color dresses.I most like to see greenery(with green) everywhere with Red and yellow flowers.

    Thanks for sharing dear.

  • Very informative.. my favorite is light blue!

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