Hi everyone! It’s my first blog and it’s going to be about ‘’BOREDOM’’. It is expected that when you’ve read this blog you’d have learnt some new vocabulary, phrasal verbs and related idioms. So lets give it a go.

Boredom is the feeling you have, when you’re tired and sick of something, when you’re not enjoying anything, and you feel bad everything about. This feeling mostly comes when one is having nothing to do or having same routine, one feels like stuck in a rut--the feeling that life has got stuck and is not moving. Even a person who has job of his/her taste can feel restless sometime, because its human nature to long for change, something new and different from routine things would wish to do something you’ve never done.

But hang on! there is something interesting about Boredom too. Have you realized that it’s this feeling which stimulate in you the desire to do new and creative things or would wish to do something you’ve never done.? So, eventually, you come up with new creative ideas.

Are you bored? If yes, you’re not alone, because everyone in life from king to beggar, from actors to laborer get this feeling. One get to hear such expressions daily-- oh! I am so bored. I’m so bored, I could die. i’m feeling hell like bored. I’m bored to death. Now you can guess how common this feeling is.

There are different ways to staves off boredom, depending on individual’s taste, inclination and position. people like to stave it off by watching television, reading books, newspaper, or magazines, playing sports,long drive, social networking and hanging out with friends.

Some people like to kill it by eating.


be tired and sick of something:

to be angry and bored because something unpleasant has been happening for too long.

stuck in a rut:

remaining in the same negative situation in life.


feeling nervous or bored and tending to move around a lot : not relaxed or calm.


Long for something:

to feel a strong desire or craving especially for something not likely to be attained.


Hang on:




to cause or encourage (something) to happen or develop.


come up with:

produce (something), especially when pressured or challenged.

bored to death/ I’m so bored, I could die:

very bored; extremely dull and uninteresting.


like hell:

very much, very badly


stave off:

to keep or hold off


hanging out:

to frequent a particular place, especially in idling away one's free time.



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  • wow thank you so much i couldn't imagine i can get such nice comments :) they mean to me a lot :) thank you all

  • I don't have anything to say but your blow was reall nice, I liked it alot.
  • Very informative and well written. This blog has killed my boredom :)
  • It was good, Thanks. Also learning languages can cheer a person up, especially learning g the language you love, like english.
  • Congrats:) for writing a composed and informative blog.

    Keep on writing.

  • thank you amal and frank.. it's nice of you encouraging me :)

  • I was dying of boredom ,but after reading this blog I am not.Thanks for sharing.I'm also liked it alot.
  • congratulations, I liked it a lot. You hit the nail on the head by admitting boredom has its bright side too. Why no to get rid of it by hitting books to boost your command of the target language?

    Keep on writing

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