Bodies have always seemed ugly to me.

Bodies with their meters of skin, guts, meat and their weird smells, colors, bumps, and illnesses that can't be controlled.


Bodies are ridiculous and awkward.

Media try to pretend bodies are sexy and alluring when they're in bed but they're sweaty. Sticky. Scared of failure. Even more awkward, when sprawled in bed you try to find the best position to love, after a cramp in your leg.

Bodies are nothing more than tons of muscles wrapped in the clothes you wear to try and look cuter than you really feel.

At what extent does your heart dress your partner's body of beauty when you make love? At what extent do you dress your own body of beauty when you see yourself with your eyes, or when you see yourself reflected in the lusting eyes of your partner? 

How are bodies enfolded by the substance of the soul?

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    • Even in dreams  you do need bodies for this.  I do not understand, Istar herself does not sweat? it is absurd!

      • Absurd it is to say something that I have not implied. 

        • Here I mean it beyond my understanding, I didnt mean to be disrespect, if it gives this sense, I am sorry for that.

    • You can do it! Our bodies are just a part of our beings. We have other senses and a soul, that can be touched in other ways.
      But that's not the point in how the soul gives beauty to the body, or how our subjectivities appreciate a body as pretty or ugly. How do you feel about a body of someone you love, in comparison to someone you do not have feelings for? Do you appreciate your body? Those are the questions that I was tackling.

      • Will you please elaborate how? Thanks.

        • You can make love in other ways. You just need someone you love and a lot of passion. There was this guy I really liked. We were flirting, and we were falling in love very rapidly, and then we became partners. We were starting to know each other more in that time, and he sent me an audio. In 15, 20 minutes he talked about his feelings, about us, and how everything seemed magic when we were together. He just talked about his feelings in such an intimate way, in such a "private" and loving way, such I had never heard before. And that was too me, a way of him making love to me. Make love, as in creating an instance of absolute affection between two people.
          When he hugs me in the morning, with tenderness and care, and lets me sleep in his chest, while caressing my hair, isn't that a way of loving the other passionately? When you give a person "that gaze" that speaks desire, when you undress the person you love with you eyes, and that person knows and desires you too, that's some sensual way of loving, too.

          And about the questions:
          - When you love someone dearly, that person becomes the most beautiful in the world. Even if by common standards of beauty they are not the most beautiful. Maybe your girlfriend is chubby, or too tall, or her hair is a mess, or she has dark hair and you prefer blondies. But to you, she is perfect in every way because your feelings are deep, because you love her for what she is in her soul and how her soul is reflected on her body. Do you consider her ugly in front of an attractive woman? Or maybe you are the kind of person who only falls in love by the looks, and feel disappointed when the body is not perfect. Then you don't care how the soul gives life to a body. You just desire the body.
          - So how do you see yourself? Are you an ugly body, is your body a miracle created by god, perfect in every way, or are you a sack of blood, bones and tissue? Are you in peace with your body? Do you like yourself? I know I don't like myself too much, and that's what makes me think about how bodies are weird to me. We are strange machines.

          • But the body/ies still perspire and give odor, because it is natural. In your case what would you do, when it give odor due to sweating, would you leave the guy? 

            • It is as stated above, isn't it? The person I love, I love their body, with all those weird odors, smells and weird but normal things.
              I'm sure I wouldn't like it if I were with any random man, I'd think it's disgusting, hahahaha. 

  • Oi there, 

        Ishtar, what are you still doing in that monstrous coquille [your so much despised body]??? Why don't you free yourself from it??????

    • The what? The chocker on my neck? Because I like it, it looks good on me and because despise the name, it doesn' t chocke. 

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