Blood Group Experiment - join us!!!

Hello guys,

are you into experiments? If yes, then I am here with one for you. Some days ago one girl was talking in the chatroom about blood group and effect of it on personality and it sort of motivated me to start this research. Are there any prooves? Hard to say. So what about to try it right here and right now. Let us try to find out, if people with the same blood group will react the same way on below mentioned questions or not. It is easy. All you need is to know your blood group and fresh mind to answer my six questions. You will just choose one of the options: a, b, c or d.

Not a big deal... am I right?

I will publish all the answers this Sunday because I think it would be better to let it hidden, so that it wouldn't influence anybody. So on February 15th 2015 at 6pm GMT I will come up with the result of this short research. By the way you have time to answer until Sunday 4pm GMT and your comment you leave here on this blog should look like this:

Your blood group and then options you chose for example: 1a 2c 3d 4a 5b 6 c. I hope you all got it ;-)Just don't panic comments are hidden and will be visible on Sunday :-)

Note: This test is not here to tell you what is your blood group but thanks to it we may find out, if people with the same blood group react in the same way. So if you don't know your blood group, your answers are useless.

Please one more thing, let's take it as a fun, so save me from the comments like: "Somebody will answer with five IDs or we should investigate every account, which is going to participate." Thank you for understanding, I believe we are mature people and there is no need of such kido attempts.

Here are the questions:

1. You are at school and your classmate, whom you dislike, who gossiped a lot about you wants your help with the test. How will you react?

a) I will strictly say: No way!

b) I won't take a risk because of somebody like this. I will overlook this student.

c) I will think, if it is worth it to help and if this person would help me too.

d) I will help somebody who is in need, no matter if I like them or not.

2. You won 1.000 dollars in lottery. How will you spend it?

a) I will throw a big party and will simply start enjoying my life. In some weeks I will have nothing.

b) I will think properly, if I should invest money in my education, family etc.

c) I will not touch it, I will let it be and will save it for my future.

d) I will go abroad, will stay in some English speaking country and will study English there.

3. What is the most important for you?

a) to live my life in peace

b) health

c) to become rich

d) to have nice family

4. Imagine you are in relationship with somebody and you want to leave this person but he or she is blackmailing you with comiting suicide. What will be your reaction?

a) you will leave this person because people who talk about it will never do it

b) you will leave this person but will check if he or she is alive

c) you will be scared to leave this person and will be confused, stressed and totally down

d) you will never leave this person because it is a huge risk, so you will force yourself to stay and will believe things are again fine between both of you

5. If you are in a danger, what is your reaction?

a) I am calm and try to think, how to manage such situation

b) I am freaking out, yelling, panicing, people are scared of my reactions

c) I am fighter, I immediately start doing something no matter what the result will be.

d) I am just watching others around me and waiting who is going to help me out of it.

6. It is your birthday party and there are so many aunties, uncles, all your family gathered on this special day. You will get a gift – old-fashioned sweater you totally dislike. What will be your reaction?

a) I will say: "Who the hell gave it to me? Is it punishment?"

b) I will just say: "Thank you."

c) I will pretend it is nice gift and will add: "I always dreamt of such sweater."

d) I will put it on the chair next to me without saying anything.


Ok, that is all. I think six questions are enough, I won't torture you any longer. I hope you liked it and thank you for your time you gave to me :-)See you on Sunday with the result.

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  • I missed to participate in the funny concept.  Anyhow I appreciate your creative concept of how blood group will reflect one's character!

  • Nice post, Luci. I'm late to participate. Thanks for share. Nice to see my blood group. O :)

  • You did agreat job luci. So, Is there any relationship between blood group and the characters
  • Inna,

    sorry to say this but I have it too :-D however, yeah I have read that AB is not so common!

  • What??!!!! Nobody with my blood type?? LOL I am unique! :))))))))))))))))))))))))

    But you know, my best friends and close relatives have the same blood type!


  • I am eager to know my blood group...

  • ok :), this seems like a great idea , my blood type is A + and my answers are :

    1-2-3-->  d

    4-5--> c


    and by the way I thing that the blood type can effect the personality but it's just one factor of many others , thanks luci .

  • Hi Luci,

    My blood group is A.  Here are my answers:

    1.  D

    2.  B

    3.  D

    4.  A

    5.  A

    6.  B

    I wonder who are in my blood group.

  • Answers : 1.D,2.B,3.B,4.C,5.A,6.C   /   My blood type : A RhD (-)   Regards,Luci!

This reply was deleted.