In my earlier blog I had a mention of trying to think about world peace by bloggers as a contribution through blogging. How can it be done? One of the effective ways would be `sharing ideas` of `how` can this be achieved. 

I am trying to share one here:

WP idea 1: Help people to open up

Peace is difficult to achieve if our expressions are pending. each of us are very happy when we are able to openly share any thing we wish to. Few of us can do it, however, most of us cannot not due to many reasons like illiteracy, cultural impact, social issues like females not allowed to express their views openly in some communities.

expressions can be verbal or non verbal. They are stress relievers. In fact, in our personality or career counseling sessions, we give first importance to the aspect of `open and complete` expressions. This can be promoted within families, educational institutions (more important), companies and all such places.

ll negative actions we come across like theft, rapes, corruption, depression, stress are the results of incomplete expressions.

Can we on EP provide a platform for all those who wish to open up their heart and share their problems, and we all try to provide solutions. It can be EP - Open Expressions Platform.

Share your views, it can be a very good contribution on the eve of 2013.



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