I heard people from Jalna district a district place about 60 kms from Aurangabad where I reside (also a district place) get drinking water from corporation once in 15 days. Last few months we are getting it once in two days.

I was talking to a friends from a beer producing company. He said 70% of the water supply is cut. company cannot afford water supplies by tankers and it is feared that these companies would look for alternate places which means there will be loss of jobs for people working in these companies.

In 1972 there was drought here which was worst and people had to migrate. same is feared again. Some fear third world war will be due to water crisis only. We may feel a beginning.

Seasons are changing, rainy season is not the same as it was earlier. so, whats going wrong? Are we going far off from nature and trying to be in a concrete jungle.

Can we find out some solutions and share it across?

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  • Thank you Frank. Let me see if these solutions can be clubbed and put forward to some people who can take them forward. In india, there is lot of wastage of drinkable water. There needs to be large scale awareness created among people here. 

  • Hi Sunil,

    This is really a big problem, which concerns people a lot in there.

    I think government authorities are responsible to come up with some solutions to the problem.

    Such as setting up some facilities for water supplies----Drill some wells if possible; water pipes applications;

    Raising money to support above solutions,...etc.

    I am not sure if above solutions are viable, but just share some ideas here.

    Really hope the problem can be solved soon and the situation there is getting better and better in the future!

  • Hello, thank you for moral support.

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