Blog Train #2 - A Night to Remember

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Blog Train!              Today is May 10th at 6am in China.

In case you don't know what a blog train is, I will tell you. A Blog Train is where one person starts a story and others add to it. Not comment on it, but ADD TO IT.

For instance, I would start a story. The title of the story is "Mary had a Little Lamb".

I will start: Mary had a little lamb.

Another person might add: Mary and her lamb lived on a farm outside of a small town.

The next person might add: Everyday Mary and her lamb would walk to the pond.

And the next might say: Along the way, she would stop and smell the flowers and watch the butterflies playing in the field.

And so on, and so on. Soon you have a story.

Would you like to try? Come on, let's get started. We will do this blog train for just one day and see where it takes us. Try to make your sentences sound as native English as you can. Think in English. At the end we can help each other by commenting or making suggestions for ways to write better (that is if we need to).

Rules are simple. 1. Each person may add one Paragraph to the story this time.

                       2. Please use correct letters, periods, question marks.

Ready? Let's go! Remember! Do not comment on what is already written. Just add another paragraph.

This Blog Train will close Thursday night May 16th. 

Started by Vanessa. "A Night to Remember"

     It was to be the biggest night of my life. I can't remember the last time I have been so excited. Even now my hands are shaking as I look at the new dress I bought. It was my favorite color...a soft royal blue. Just then the phone rang. I reached to pick up the phone wishing the butterflies in my stomach would settle down. "I hope it isn't Ted cancelling." I looked at the number, it wasn't. "Hello?"

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  • Hello, Hello! Sarah is that you? I can't hear you. Just a minute while I turn down the TV. Some sort of murder mystery is on..... Whewww, that's better. "Sarah? Ok, good." "What are you up to today?" "That sounds like fun". "Yeah, I am so nervous about my date tonight, I am shaking like a leaf"." No, he didn't say where we were going for dinner, only somewhere special." "Well, I did by the new dress, the one you and I liked so much." "Hey, listen...I've gotta go finish getting ready."  "Yes, Yes! You will be the first to know, I promise." "Talk to you later, Ok? Bye." As she hung up the phone, she began to wonder if she were hoping the right thing. Ted was such an unusual man. Tall, dark and handsome, the man of her dreams. But...she shook her head and head for the kitchen. 


  • What's Granny doing with that kalashnikov? Where are they going? That thought played on my mind while I was running downstairs to the door. I was panting when I reached them. "Grandpa and Grandma" I said. "What's going on? Why is there a dead body on the floor?" Grandpa stopped tinkering with the engine while Granny put down the gun. "Hush" Granny said. "Don't speak too loud. You'll wake up the neighbours. We don't want to do that, don't we?". I don't feel too good hearing that from Granny. Her voice was no longer soft spoken, but instead had a hard edge to it.

  •  A question has come up about what the word can·celling  means. Here you go!

    [kan-suhl] Show IPA verb, can·celed, can·cel·ing or ( especially British  ) can·celled, can·cel·ling, noun
    verb (used with object)
    to decide or announce that a planned event will not take place; call off: to cancel a meeting.
  • "Hello?" I said. No one answered. "Hello?" I said again. Yet no response! All I could hear was someone breathing fast. wasn't ALL I could hear! Let me remember.......yes....yes.....there was something else that I heard! I heard someone screaming in pain. I could hear the screams so clearly that I can vouch that source of those screams  was very near to the person who called me. Suddenly, I heard a gunfire!

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