Eid Mabruk

Today is Eidul Aladha. It's a great day for the Muslim people, its fasting atones one year in advance and the previous year. It's a big feast full of its sacrifices. The hajji  slaughter his animal as a sacrifice for Allah. it's indeed a great closeness to God. Its closeness can be seen from the joy on the faces of both the pilgrims and the people who are staying at home. Eidul Adha is a great opportunity for those who have some enmity or hate to one another to come and make reconciliation. It's the chance for them to make peace and its occasion is full of happiness, love and forgiveness. It's the exchange of greetings and hugging. Its wishes are shared by family members, friends, love ones. It's a day of forgiveness after its prayer is over. It's called the feast of sacrifice or nahr. It's the big feast and its happiness will be all over the world. 

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  • I wish you a happy and blessed Eid 
    without you no sense for pleasure indeed 

  • Si parakalo Evangelina! I will do that. I thought that you might be upset. Sure! I will kiss Fatimah for you. You are a true and sincere friend to most of the people here at My EC. 

  • Ifcharisto polly Evangelina for pressing the like button and thanks for that lovely post card for eid. I really appreciate it. How nice of you, Eva. My daughter saw the lovely post card, she said, "does she love?" I told her that Eva is a close and sincere friend. Thank you, again!

  • Ake faory jawab, White Knight Janab! Thanks for the quick reply. Today's Pakistan eid, isn't it? Thanks for your comment and again, eid mubarak!

  • Indeed a great event it is surely , EID UL ADHA MUBARAK TO EVERYONE 

  • Hoan neghenh Jennyp! Thanks for your comment on eid mubarak!

  • Thanks for sending this article to
  • Koi baat nahi Mishaikh sahab! It's an opportunity to say eid mubarak to the others. I really appreciate your help and support. You have really done a great job answering the different questions of the members. Thank you, my dear good friend!

  • Very well written dara. 

  • Khahesh mikonam Bahman! I have seen your video. It's very nice. It showed the people walking in different directions besides, you are adding some beauty to the scene. Thanks for your comment on the blog of Mr. Smith's idea.

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