Bless in Curse

Bless in curse


Sunset beams were trying to glow Jennifer's yellow face. She saw the sunset at the back of the mountain with her tearful eyes from her room window. At a glance, she thought her life would be over soon. A deep and long sigh came out of her mouth, then she turned back and looked at her sleeping kids. They all stuck in their house for more than a month.    She went outside for groceries once a week, not more allowed, and with safety measurements. Corona is wandering everywhere like a wild and brutal hunter for its prey. It reported that hundreds are dying in its claws; it has tortured thousands no one knows when it will stop? All schools, colleges, and universities, factories, and offices closed. Students are studying online. Many of them have fired because of being out of budget.


Hospitals are full of this pandemic disease. Terror clouds shade the universe. There is no cure for this vampire and no hope.

Determined she was to finish their life rather than it kills them. She couldn't believe in herself and was always talking about hope. She was a bell that calls others to church but goes not itself. She looked outside of the window to the empty street. , a view captured her sight. She saw a couple of deer with their young and grazing. She was astonished to see them. Maybe empty streets gave them the courage to come to the city. It is rare to see animals on the streets, but now they are enjoying their freedom. She felt relaxed to see them. They captured her and stared for minutes. Inside her, a thought came that this beautiful sight was impossible in busy and rush days. It's a miracle, after a while, she returned to her corner and threw down herself on the sofa like a loser gambler. She turned on Tv. There was a scene of a mosque, people were washing their faces and hands and feet. "What are they doing?" The reporter said that they are washing their faces, hands, and feet to offer prayer. Now, she got her answer. He explained it is the best method to get rid of germs, he told they do it five times a day. "What rubbish is this?" saying this she switched off the channel. She screamed out with anger closing her fists. Started walking here and there with anger, thinking and connecting all these unusual incidents and she finds out that God wants to talk to her. In a glimpse, her entire past came in front of her.


She spent her entire life like a busy bee, no time for herself or her loving kids. Only they had been meeting at the breakfast table that's all and for the entire day, they hardly saw each other but now they have a lot of time together. Now, they play many indoor games and watch movies. Now, she and her daughter Annie, together try new recipes in cooking. Annie gives her new beauty tips from the net. They argue on many topics and fight it turns into withdrawing and then love. She noticed they have seen so many beautiful shades of life in this Corona month that was so boring and exhausting during those busy days.


Then she noticed her son John who seemed a little selfish has changed during these days, one day one of his friends called him, and he went to the kitchen and returned with a heavy shopper. And told his mother that at the end of the street there is a house people there are starving. So his friend requested him and he is going to help them with his friends. Her eyes got filled with tears and she kissed his forehead, allowing him with a smile and a handful of money in his hand. Then it became routine for them to provide food to the needy because virtue is its reward.


Revealing All these consciences Her mind getting changing, Now, she got the point that God was trying to.   Now, the hazards of Corona turned into Good Corona. She stood up with new courage and hope. Whispered to herself, "We don't have to be afraid of Corona, we have to fight with it" She growled by tightening her fists.


The world had faced many disasters much huger than it but survived and again will in this case too. We created these disasters and mother nature reconstructed them.




                         Every cloud has a silver lining


Considering that diligence is a brilliant teacher She promised herself that after this pandemic she will change her lifestyle. The idea of committing suicide turned into smoke and dissolved in the air.

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  • Dear Believer ))

    Glad to see you back to EC. For such a long time you have been absent. 

    Nice writing. Revealing the feelings of millions of people who have faced the covid threat nowadays. The spectrum of thoughts....hopelessness...expectations...Just as it happens. But in the end, life wins and goes on. Somehow my mind draws the same pictures as you express in your post. This drastic change in the world is not that easy as we could think at the beginning. So many lives were changed...and this is just the beginning. People tend to rethink their purpose and values in life. Which I find pretty positive, actually. Even my own life will never be the same as it is used to be before the pandemic.

    Thanks for sharing. And....once again...welcome back. Waiting for more of your participation.

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