Bleeding hearts


In one of my previous blogs, I was talking about some people who hurt other people by their bad words and attitudes and I used this sentence "This kind of attacks leaves behind deep wounds and bleeding hearts."  And in order to stress on the meaning, I wanted to use a pic of a heart with some blood and wounds. So, I went to Mr.Google and chose “Images” and typed “Bleeding hearts” and instead of having hearts, blood and wounds I found this ......


>>>> Flowers <<<<


Yes, that’s right. I’m not kidding. I found tones of pics for flowers.


I checked my search many times to be sure that I didn’t get this result by mistake, but apparently it wasn’t a mistake and there is a flower called “bleeding heart”.



Honestly, I was amazed I didn’t see a flower before looks like this. A pink or a white heart-shaped flower. I was curious to know more about this flower so I paid a visit to Mr. Wikipedia and asked him about this amazing flower.

Scientific name: Lamprocapnos spectabilis (Lamprocapnos).

Preferred common name: Bleeding heart or White bleeding heart.

Other common names: Dutchman's breeches, Lyre flower, Seal flower and Lady in bath.

It grows in spring in Siberia, northern China, Korea and Japan.

The bad side: It is a toxic flower contacting with it can cause skin irritation in some people.



Unfortunately, for every amazing thing there is a bad side, but I still think it is an amazing flower.

I wonder what your opinions are about this flower !!!!

And what is the most amazing or the weirdest flower you have ever seen ? (please, share with us its pic)

For more Information about this flower:

Wiki-bleeding hearts

Pink bleeding heart

white bleeding heart






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  • smile, i agree with you ... but that doesn't change how amazing this flower is :)

  • thanks rodrigo 

  • Very nice, AH!

  • Fizzy, the same here ... every time i try "bleeding hearts" with Mr.Google he answers the same :p

  • sana, why don't you do that and tell me the result ? :p

  • It is my first time see that kind of flower. Pretty and yet deadly  ^^

  • ah_tk me too envy alot lol....check them by touching n tell me plz that it will really toxic or not :P

  • sana, thanks for your comment.

    If you want to see these flowers you have to visit Siberia, northern China, Korea or Japan.

    btw, I envy them for being able to see this beautiful flower :p

    One more thing ... "DON'T TOUCH THEM" they are toxic flowers :p

  • really its awesome .....i never ever see such type of beautiful creation ..i wish i see  n touch them...its amazing ..thnx for sharing this splendid flower.

  • Ahmed, hahahaha

    Alright i will prepare the tools but you have to bring the car cuz they are very heavy :p

This reply was deleted.