I wanted to thnks all my EC friends for helping me improve my english ..... yesterday i did my first presentation in english infront of too many people from different countries and it was awsome , My professor was surprised !! 2 years ago i was not able to speak english at all but since i joined EC i learnt too much and i took away my shyness now i am able to speak without fear but with great love and motivation , thnks to all my EC friends for your help and great encouragement and motivation :)

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  • Good job!


  • hey Nadyah are yu EC news reported nowdays :p

    ymn pearl thnks :)

    dear Martin thnk you so much sure will not forget you (sorry for not replying on skype i was busy ;)

    Ida all your life you are learning english and still you saying hello hello !! fr**y voice :p

    thnk you Josef :)

    thnk you Paul fish :)

    thnk you stingy  Ohnie :p

    Md hakim uddin yu are right keep learning bro :)

    thnk you selma :)

    thnk you Aufi :)

    welcome back sister karenina we miss you a lot here in EC yu were so active and always finidng your beautiful cards on our page wish you all the best sister :)

    thnks Princess , i am sure soon you will make lot of friends they will all help you and you will be fluent in few time i am sure :)

    thnks Tatiana :)

  • dear Tara thnk you for commenting on my post i really owe lot to this website i never bellived that i can speak like i do now and people congrat me thnks a lot and the difference between too many and so many is ( if i still remember hilda and beverly told me that too many is used when its over the limit and so many is used when lot but not over limit so i had to say so many am i right?

    ps: yes its true what yu heard ,she is wonderful EC member :)

  • wooooooooooooooow i'm happy for you

    me too a wanna bespeak write and read english very well


    i'm new in english club so can some one help me to know how to mak my challeges and activities how to add freind and all about the cllub

    thx .......princess

  • Congratulation DM, big achievment.

    Also, your video gives great encouragement, you seem very fluent, bravo..

  • Thanks to you and also to all my EC friends. We are really learning to each other. It is great scope for us. We can share our learning to each other from any corner of the world. How great!

  • Congrats, DM. And welcome back!
  • Congratulations!

  • Fantastic! It seems that EC really helps learners to improve their language.

    LOL! :D has he engaged to EC member? :D 

    Anyway, congrats! May Allah bless your coming life. :)

    Hmmm, dear Tara, shall I reply to your question? I want to give it a try. :)

    As I think, too is used for negative things which may indicate somthing unpleasing. While So indicates vice versa.

  • Hot news for you, Tara!


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