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  • Thanks for the alert Gabriel. Hope you are doing good.

  • Thanks for the ALERT!

  • why spammer always beautiful  .... 


    • LOL, Fizzy.

      • LOL


    • Hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me a lie...!!!!!


    • Because they think that men can't think deeply about things in front of beautiful women. : )

      • Lol....I just wonder if anyone would think that behind this Rolene Strauss's picture might hide a hairy orangutan ))

        • What's wrong with an orangutan???? They are so cute ...... and ginger!!!   :-)

          • Yep, Rys, indeed they are cute...but who will dream about a hairy male monkey... Whereas a cute model like Rolene will make a lot of male population blow bubbles....

This reply was deleted.