Between China and Korea

The three big industrial countries, Japan, China, and Korea are doing their best to provide the world with their best products. I noticed the race between China and Korea. When the Japanese invented the Corolla, car it was good for those countries that do not produce oil. The Japanese prefer it the most. Of course, they had invented other luxurious cars like Cressida, Camry, Lexus, but they prefer Corolla the most, and naturally, you know the reason.

The consumption of oil. During the oil crisis in the seventies, most countries tried to acclimatize themselves by inventing small cars that consume a few amounts of gas. Corolla and Yaris were there by the Japanese and the Korean company, Hyundai at once invented Accent, which is no less than the Corolla in the consumption of oil.

The Chinese have their new invention, Geely. Like the Corolla and the accent, it consumes less gas too. By the way, I used to own a Corolla and an Accent too. My recent car is Geely. Regarding cell phones look at Samsung Galaxy by the Koreans and then the new mobile phone, Huawei by the Chinese. The race between the two countries is just going on.   

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  • Nasilsin Ferhan, if you compare the Chinese products, they are cheaper and they have the same quality. Thanks teacher Ferhan for your nice comment.

  • Terima kashmir! You are welcome my lady. Thanks for your comment

  • Hi dara,i an complately agree with you.those countries are still in the same race.sincerly
  • Dara, thanks for the informative blog. You are so smart

  • Bud Laska Svetlana! That what I thought. Famous car companies like GMC or Ford and other makers must have found some way to lessen the consumption of oil. Thanks, Lana for your reply.

  • You are welcome, dear Dara.
    Our Ford doesn't consume a lot of oil. Recently, we have installed new equipment in our car. And now we use gas instead of petrol. Now our Ford is economic more than doubled and we don't even want to change it for younger one.

  • Asante sana Molemane! Thank you very much, my respected lady, Molemane.

  • Thank you so much, for sharing, dear Dara

  • Shookrun ya Hassan Alhulaymi! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • Nanndree mod. Nadira! I agree with you, it is for the benefit of the consumer. Thanks for your comment.

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