This story about friendship between the girl and the boy. They were really close till other people think they have more special relationship. They spend time together like found some food,  shopping and hang out together. They can understand and protect each other.  That's all because they are friend. 

But, now they are not like they used to be.  Because some reason make them must stay away.  For each other they becomes stranger.  Like there's no friendship happen between them.  Just one hope their want that they still be bestfriend like the past. 

If you have some experience about some friendship may be you can share it.  Thank you

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  • Aaaaa,,   i know this story, 

    Sama like my friend story' to

  • Halo Putri Utami, saya harap akan menjadi teman kamu. If friendship is based on a true friendship of loyalty, trust, and, mutual understanding, then it is welcomed. I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for sharing.

  • So sad. When I was a child I lost my best friend in almost the same way. It's like losing a limb. And it doesn't grow back. :`(

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    • That's one way we can do for our bestfriend just pray to God hope something better life for them. 

      Thank u for sharing your story too

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