Well , this is a common form of pray among people before  the arrival  of the Holy  days  of Ramadan  .  " Ya Allah let us reach Ramadan,  without  being missed  or missing someone.

    Who first said so valued much having his / her loveones  around  in the blessed days  of Ramadan. Because it would be painful missing these dear ones or being missed on the other hand.  

    This is a heart prayer for us all . A heart prayer that insists  on the value of living souls,  that can't be replaced for any material things . 

    When we miss someone we miss life it's self in that person  . The present of his existence  with all his unique prints  . Without others  there is only horrible emptiness  only . 

    In this Corona pandemic  we are missing  alot of souls  . So , let's  pray a lot for not being  missed  or missing  :) 


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  •      I will join my prayers to yours, in sha'a Allah. God bless you and your family as well.

  • Its near end of Ramadhan... 

    I am gonna miss the peace and quietness of my inner self 

  • Ameen

  • nice..

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