He heard a short beep coming from his mobile phone. He took it and read the text message, “Where are you?”


“Coming.” He replied and put the mobile phone on his lap.



Another short beep got his attention. He took the mobile again and read the message, “You’re late!” with three angry-face emoji.


He smiled and replied, “Sorry, had work.” He kept the mobile in his hand, as he knew there soon would be another SMS.



The phone singled him of another text message. He read it, “Come quickly. Got a surprise for you,” with a winking-face emoji.


His lips parted. He double-tapped on the upward arrow button of the mobile keyboard to reply in all caps. But before he could type the first letter, he heard,



It wasn’t a short beep but a long one, and it was getting louder.


He never reached home.

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  • Oi there, folks

       The wife/gf  so often texting a guy who is drinving must have been a dumb blonde and the guy continually responding must have been a double bllond. :-)

    • You know, rys, when I was reading this the first time I was already annoyed about this *message, “You’re late!” with three angry-face emoji* 
      Don't understand why and how people are communicating that way. XD Anyway, we will never get to know what that surprise was... I'm putting my money on 'Honey, I'm pregnant' and new lingerie. Just to stay totally cliché :D

    • Beauty without brains!

  • oh.. its not what i imagine during my reading on the first paragraph .. 



    • That was the objective. Mission accomplished!

  • I agree with Olga. He was texting and the last beep he heard was the lasta time conscius because probably he died while he was driving and texting.

    • You're following a good lead. Stick with it.

  • Sad... This is life. People think they will reach what they want, but suddenly all is gone! Sometimes we wonder "what if...", but actuall, what if those wishes could never happen. Maybe the life was over then! 

    • Despite their best efforts, people still fail. But they have the satisfaction of trying. Miserable are those who don't dare to try and live with guilt and remorse.  

  • Nah, that sound came from the cardiac monitor of the ICU, and it was his last dream. 

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