He heard a short beep coming from his mobile phone. He took it and read the text message, “Where are you?”


“Coming.” He replied and put the mobile phone on his lap.



Another short beep got his attention. He took the mobile again and read the message, “You’re late!” with three angry-face emoji.


He smiled and replied, “Sorry, had work.” He kept the mobile in his hand, as he knew there soon would be another SMS.



The phone singled him of another text message. He read it, “Come quickly. Got a surprise for you,” with a winking-face emoji.


His lips parted. He double-tapped on the upward arrow button of the mobile keyboard to reply in all caps. But before he could type the first letter, he heard,



It wasn’t a short beep but a long one, and it was getting louder.


He never reached home.

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    • I have got not a clue who you are, but you're funny.

    • As one of the possible variants, why really not....))))

  • What!!!!!!!


    Any way good note.

    • I guess a car accident. Never chat while driving...

      • It's a good message. Spread the word.

      • is not a matter of yapping over da mobile while driving, i see plenty of homo sapiens [thinking people] walking in the street with their sight organs glued to the iphone caring a sheeeeetttt about the street trafic or any other matter, to be frank about it.


        • Those home sapiens are following the path of neanderthal.

        • Yeah...another chance to bite the dust, indeed. Lol...there might be so many beeps to make one never reach home. 

          • "Another one bites the dust." Queen

            • Well, never heard, but a nice one. ))

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